Two Faced People

0815_fat_after_fame1Two Faced People


They thought I would be dead by now.  They thought either the Government or the Mafia would kill me.  In their eyes I was not supposed to survive.  It is clear to me now, they are two faced people.  They had their hands open and accepted everything we gave them, but never had any intentions in accepting me.


She thought I was blind by love and would hurt myself as a result of her rejection.  She went as far as to have herself inseminated by that boy, she thought she was going to get pregnant and I would lose it.  All in the name of me harming myself, she did these things.  What she did was caused me to lose interest in her and her family.  I do not care about what she does from here on, I realize now that she is an evil person out to destroy me.


It was all a scheme to take my shit and run with it.  Playing broke and all that dumb shit to keep from giving me my just do.  We made them and we can destroy them just as easily.  But it is not about that.  I do not have to stoop to their level, because I know I was the best thing to ever happen to them and the worst person to turn my back on them and walk away.


The bottom line is that it is that time of the month and the scheme did not work, she can try again, but maybe her oven is cooked and for that reason there is no bun in the oven and not because she did not try.  Like I said I was supposed to lose it because she had a baby from Jermaine Dupri, but I really do not care anymore and because I do not care her motive is lost, because her sole purpose is to influence my emotions, but like I said I was trying to keep a promise, that she took advantage of and used to her advantage to screw me out of many years of my life, but the game is over and I live on.  There are plenty fish in the sea and now that my family knows I am not a damn fool over a pretty face and dense mind that is calculative and deceptive. 


A woman asked if God is for me who could be against me.  The answer is a woman deceived by Satan.  I offered my hand and it was rejected so the hell with it, because eventually I will get mine’s and if not then so be it.  Oh you and everyone know who you are, names need be mentioned “Janet,” but a picture tells a thousand words and you are just a pretty picture and a fake person.  I win and you lose!





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