Your Games have become boring

imag01233Your Games have become boring


To: President George Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 13 December 2008


From the look of your birthday chart this will be one of those all or nothing years, when you either rise to the challenges that life sends your way and emerge victorious, or give up altogether and dream wistfully of what might have been. It’s up to you.


Employers and other important people are looking to you to take the lead on the work front, but for some reason you seem incapable of inspiring yourself, let alone others. Don’t despair. Just do the job as well as you can – and try to look confident.


To be honest I did not lose interest I lose confidence in your honesty concern for my well being and compensation.  You offer me a job that have no salaries and that is not a job.  I do not hear anything about putting me on a payroll; I just hear about be delivering free labor and I am tired of it.  What am I a sucker or a slave?  Why everyone else in the world gets compensated for their labor but me?  All I ask for is a living wage for starts and you cannot even deliver that.


Furthermore I am tired of you preaching to me out of the books of Secrets and is a homosexual bible that equates successes with financial gain, but success is more than having dollar bills, its about love, honor and respect and if people respect you only because you are rich it is not respect after all.


So far you have made an idiot of me telling me success is around the corner of a block I cannot walk on; it is all bullshit and you know it.  In this world you do not find success, success finds you it is the chosen few who get paid and exclusive club I was not invited to be in and at the price of my soul I will never be invited into it.


The bottom line is I do not believe in the system anymore, because you failed me a few too many time and I feel you are fucking with my head and want me to chase  after Satan’s world to make  fool out of me.  Nothing I do is good enough, not for you anyway, so the hell with it.  Either the doors will be open or I will never enter it, I knocked too many times already and did not receive even a position on the payroll, so there is o job, where there is no compensation.




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