Do I lack self-belief or trust in you

imag01954Do I lack self-belief or trust in you


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 14 December 2008


You don’t lack strength, stamina or self-belief, but do you possess the ability to rise above purely personal concerns and see how your actions might affect other people? If you can do that you will have a remarkably positive effect on your environment this year.

It is highly likely that someone you live or work with will go over the top emotionally early in the week when short-tempered Mars squares up to Saturn in your opposite sign, but you must not react in kind. Let them have their rant. They’ll feel better for it.

You say lack strength, stamina or self belief?  If that means I am tired of the constant bullshit you are correct, the bullshit has not been going on for weeks or months or just years but for over a decade, now how much can one man take before he goes ballistic or loses interest in the whole situation?.  For 33 years I have been purely selfless with an expectation that it would be different now, but is the same old bullshit, the belief I lack is not in self but in you all.  I know in my heart either I will get my just due or people will get theirs and what they get if I do no get mine’s will not be pleasant and that is the part of me I do not want to come out, which is the cold hearted side of Paul Castellano, the Apostle Paul to you.

You say rise above personal concerns, why must I still have any personal concerns?  Why cannot you all let go of your controlling issues, because as you think you are in control you really are not anyway, you are simply making your own bed that you will have to sleep in.  Like they say “You weep what you sow.” So as you mistreat me, will you experience the same or is this the case already?

I notice something not to change the subject, but that shit is about nothing as long as I have to scratch and rub pennies.  I listened to most of the songs I recorded and noticed I sung much better on my old stuff.  My newer stuff was very experimental, with new technology, whereby my old stuff was hard work.  I know more now than I knew then and in my next recording sessions I have to find that balance or hard work while integrating technology, by doing those multiple track of vocals and doing a few takes until I get it right.  You know what listening to my new stuff I honestly forgot I can sing when I want to and to top it off 4 of my best songs was cut out of my first CD.  One of the big shots at my job, the head of my department wants to hear some of my stuff, today I will make a CD with about 18 of my favorite songs, out of two CD’s and four bonus tracks, I gave coworker my new CD, but it is not s good representation of both my skills as a singer and songwriter, I deal with important issues on CD #2 but I do little singing and leaned too heavily on VST and DXi effects.  I have to get back to taking my time, but the difference is when I made the CD #1 I had nothing but time on my hands, now I wear about 3 or 4 hats, I just happen to take 2 off as you put; I am just tired and need to focus on a few things instead of everything.


I want to make a new CD #3 and copyright it.  I am still waiting for them to ship Vocaloid Lola to help me with background female vocals.  And I want do an alteration the screenplay again; because there have been new discoveries and developments that have to be addressed so the ending might have new twist.  The process has been slow in studying my tutorials, which is intentional but it is taking place most certainly.  I plan to go into the studio between 24 December 2008 and 3 January 2009.  My goal is about 4 songs that are well done.  I have about 29 new beats to work with, out of over 200 unused beats and I have a temporary front; my gold is gone so getting dressed up and going out to take pictures might not be a memorable thing to do.  If I smile you will see a ceramic front and if not I will be asked why I never smiled on that day.  In both case I will always remember the temporary front and I am in-between dental work and this is not something to remember, but something to get pass and done with.




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