The Motivation has to be Compensation

imag01955The Motivation has to be Compensation


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 15 December 2008


Mars, planet of energy, at right angles to Saturn, planet of effort, on your birthday this year means you will work hard for what you get out of life – and you’ll get plenty. Success is yours if you want it, and no one wants it, or deserves it, more.

The eyes of the world are on you at the moment, so think before you act and act only when you know what the outcome is likely to be. You don’t have to be one hundred per cent certain but you do have to feel confident that you will succeed.

You’ll failed to post on time today, try to post early the next couple of days as I have to report to work an hour early the next couple of days.  In all honesty I have been resting lately and have to start doing what I set out to do.  I am still waiting on Vocaloid Lola to be shipped.  I called the company and they are checking on my order as I write this letter.  There is one more thing I need and I will be set to go into the home studio and do this, but I want to get Vocaloid correct first.

I invested a lot of money at my standard of living and it is time for some at least minor returns.  I cannot keep doing stuff without compensation, I have bills also.  I think after this recording session I will have a pretty good set of songs, but I plan to record for the year of 2009 at least 30 complete songs.  I also want to do an alteration on my screen and make the beginning connect better to the ending.  Once I start that project it will take no more than one month because I have plenty to work with.  It is a matter of a proofread and adjustment to add characters one which will be a starring role, there is no mystery there.  I think I will put that off for a little while and focus on the music thing for now.

I figure between my advisement, my music and my screen I am booked for 2009.  If Janet ask me I will also do some blog promotions for her tour, but I will not do anything that is unsolicited, because she takes me for granted.  If you’ll want me to work hard on your projects to be integrated into mine’s the motivation is compensation, otherwise the focus has to be on me in 2009.


Frank Paul Gambino



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