JD will pay one way or another

bigpaulie1JD will pay one way or another


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 19 December 2008


So many things that were once a mystery to you will seem crystal clear over the next few months. Don’t spend too long kicking yourself for having missed what should have been obvious. There is a world out there filled with good things just for you.

Whatever your ambitions might be at this moment in time they will change radically over the next few days, so keep your options open and don’t commit yourself to anything you are not one hundred per cent sure of. Better still, don’t commit yourself at all.

Let us get straight the point; they say Big Paul got whacked because he claimed to be me, the successor of my Father Don Carlo.  They say Rene Elizondo got castrated because he claimed to be the Lord or should I say the shell that possesses the spirit of God.  They say Topac got whacked because he committed sexual assault at a movie shoot and Biggie got killed because he had a big mouth and just set himself up as a person to make himself seem like a East Coast and West Coast retaliation or a Crips and Bloods retaliation.  At the time there was a n East Coast West Coast rivalry. 


I put a lot of work into the Rock Wit Chu Tour and if I go paid the minimum wage for the time I put into it I would be owed in the $1,000’s.  I thought I was helping out Janet, but it turns out Jermaine Dupri was playing me all along.  He owes me some money.  Janet can be with whomever she chooses to be with, but Jermaine is playing a game that I find unforgivable he stole my time and labor while he collect for his, and for that I will do whatever means are necessary to fuck him up.  I mean having something done to him that he will never be able to forget.


If the split is true or false I believe what I highlighted in red:


JANET JACKSON has split up with her long-term record producer boyfriend JERMAINE DUPRI, according to tabloid reports.
The couple has been an item for four years, and was only recently rumored to be planning to marry and start a family together.
But the National Enquirer claims
Jackson and Dupri began battling over the failure of her recent tour, which he managed
, and which ended with a string of cancelled concerts because of illness and reports of poor ticket sales.
And sources tell the tabloid the 36-year-old has moved out of the superstar’s Los Angeles home, and they have agreed to spend time apart.
The insider says, “Janet and Jermaine finally hit a wall. They were fighting over his management of her career. In the end, she decided to make a break.”
Representatives for the two have yet to comment on the reports.


He managed that tour, so he is responsible for my compensation for my time and labor.  It all makes sense now the blogging network I described he ran and all the rumors, the whole works.  It is time that Jermaine Dupri learns that he can be gotten.  For what he did I am offended and he has to pay one way or another.  He has a choice in the matter.


Frank Paul Gambino




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