Why should I beg people to help them?

imag0124Why should I beg people to help them?


To: President George W. Bush and President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 20 December 2008


You will have some good ideas – no, wait, make that great ideas – over the next six months or so, and during the six-month period following on from that you will get the opportunity to do something with them. And this time you must not chicken out.

Some of your visions may seem a bit fanciful to other people but to you they make perfect sense, and as long as you continue to think that way there is every chance that at least some of them will become realities before long. Will them into existence.

Let us change the focus for a moment, OK people think my ideas are unreal and far fetch and I will get an opportunity to prove them wrong, but what is in it for me?  More money than I can ever spend in three life times?  The woman of my dreams who turns out to be Hollywood leftovers and the leftovers of a fucking midget is all you have to offer? What is in it for me?  Am I supposed to feel gratified by proving people wrong, because I have the spirit of God?  Meanwhile I am rejected at every turn?   Is this bullshit you telling me supposed to put a smile on my face?  You do not know how close I am to trying to cause a nuclear holocaust.  You do not know how close I am to giving up on them all as my heart full of hope and love is turning to stone.

You do not know how disgusted I am with all of you’ll and especially my agents for allow me to be made out of a total fool.  I had a friend who once told me, I have the right to change my mind, because my mind is subject to change.  I have to admit nothing went as I projected it would and my decisions for the future were based on my expectations of other people.  So it is true we cannot have preconceived notions and life is subject to change.  You’ll managed to turn a child full of love into a cold hearted killer and refuse to allow him to return to his pure state, because you give me reason to only hate.  Is what people believe is the worst case scenario?  Have you ever heard of self fulfilling prophesies, whereby if you believe in something bad it happens in reality.

People have been in the hell hole so long they forgot what it is to be on top of things and they are pulling me down with them (Crabs).  I get nothing to encourage me to care and love, I get reason to only want revenge and to hate and I am sick of being angry and to relieve my tension would be to act on it and quench my thrust for blood.  Will killing those I perceive as enemies satisfy me?  Of course not and it would cause ill-reversible damage and make my whole life a waste of time, because I could have been a common gangster without going through all this trouble. 

The exact people who I am out to gather are rejecting me and using me at every stop and I am sick of it. It has gotten so bad that my saving their asses is seen as me being done a favor rather than I doing them a service, because the world are full of ungrateful bastards and users.  You talk about success and describe it as making the world a better place as my compensation, but that is their compensation and not mine’s.  I am sick of certain people and names need not be mentioned and that tiredness is crossing over to the general population.  Why should I beg people to help them?  And that is the question of the day!

Frank Paul Gambino



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