To make serious changes in my life

imag01958To make serious changes in my life 


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 21 December 2008


It’s time for a change, and it’s got to be big. There can be no more toying with small moves here and minor adjustments there, you have got to get serious about transforming your life. You know what needs to be done, so stop making excuses and do it.

A decision you are called on to make during the early part of the week could lead to a life-changing event. Does that scare you? You could, of course, hide under the duvet and wait until it goes away but if you do you will never know what might have been.


I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to transform some of these ideas into action.  Does this mean that it has become an urgent matter because you finally snapped out of dumb? I painted a simple to understand picture and mapped Grand Architecture to follow.  But the bottom line is that the world is fucked up and this is real, relevant and a present danger.  But it seems I am talking to air.


Governor Paterson wants to tax everything for bubble gum to haircuts to bridges to air which I think I gave him a new idea.  I introduced a simple solution which was to sell OTB and privatize it and legalize casino gambling in New York City and we will balance the state’s budget.


They complain about the cost of medical coverage, I said invest in stem cell research and cure diseases instead of treating them perpetually.  They complain about the cost of social security, I said overhaul the program and end forced retirement and give people social security only if they are disabled with the intention of rehabilitating them.  And yes old age can lead to disability and should be the number one cause of someone becoming disabled.


They complain about the economy, the losses in the stock market and the trade deficit and the level of unemployment.  They want to tax the American people who are over burdened already.  I said yes we need new taxes but not against the American people but we need to levy taxes against foreign governments and corporations who use cheap labor and import their products into our country.  This is a capitalist society but sometimes short term profits become long term economic devastation.  The American corporation depends on a strong labor force in America to buy their goods to survive, but in the short term selling cheaper goods brought in faster profits but where are the profits now?  They are gone all due to big corporate greed.


We cry we depend on foreign oil, but we consume more oil than the top 5 countries in the world combined being China, Japan, Russia, Germany and India.  The average American uses over 445 gallons of oil per year.  It is estimated we produced 5 million barrels per day in 2008 and but we consumed over 9 million barrels per day as I understand we exported 1 million barrels per day and the Alaska Pipeline would bring in 1 million barrels per day, meaning the problem is oil consumption.


Hydro fuel is not science fiction, it is a reality and an option, my understanding is that it cost about $7 to the equivalent of 1 gallon of gas to produce hydro fuel.  We have to spend money on research to find a way to bring down the costs and increase the demand on this technology.  Perhaps an air tax is feasible by taxing people for pollution created by there vehicles we can make hydro fuel the fuel of choice by Americans, because without air we cannot survive and without fuel our economy is dead.


You say I need to make serious changes in my life?  When you point one finger at me how many are pointed at you all?  What I need is to be compensated then maybe we can work some magic!


Frank Paul Gambino


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