On the Subject of Janet

1314936861On the Subject of Janet


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 23 December 2008


Who ever would have guessed that you could be so ambitious? Mars in the most perceptive area of your chart, allied to Jupiter on your birthday, will inspire you to believe you can be the biggest and the best, and it is a very small step from believing to being.


You are getting close to the end of a long-term project but you are not quite there yet, so make an extra special effort today and tomorrow and with luck it will be done by the end of the week. The finishing line is in sight so don’t give up.

“I feel like a rusty can left on the shelf too long or even worst like the DJ said a grown ass man waiting at the bus stop with a frozen tear on my face waiting for a bus that never came.” (Paul)


The lesson learned:


“People take kindness for weakness and weakness as a character defect.” (Paul)


I haven’t spoke about Janet much in the last 30 days, not because I do not care but because I have become tired of making empty threats and playing tit for tat with Jermaine Dupri  Battling his blogging network is a fulltime job and is stress related, so I chose to chill out and let him do all the talking.  You do not know what to believe with this guy, he systematically starts rumors and then he disclaims them, sort of like writing to himself and answering his own questions.  You know the old say:


“It is alright to talk to yourself but when you start answering your own questions you have something to worry about.” (Anonymous)


Hopefully my gift to Janet this Holliday Season will be 4 songs and hopefully they will be hit potential material, I started on an idea but the song is far s from being written in stone it is called Rumors, it needs extensive work, I wrote it in one half an hour, the words anyway, it has to be rewritten to tell the story it is meant to reveal.  The problem is there has been a total communications breakdown and I do not know the inside scoop on current events.  The latest I heard is Janet is eating everything in sight again, but people will post an old picture with a new story these days.  That is the thesis behind rumors, so far it is simplistic and maybe it should stay that way.


When I used to blog for Janet there was a method to my madness, my purpose was to promote her and her tour and to guide her to the next phase.  For example “Janet is in talks with the USO to do a USO tour.”  It was a code for making arrangements to do a USO leg to the tour.  I gave Janet a lot of good advice but she allowed Jermaine Dupri to manage the tour, while all he did was self promotions.  I could have made that tour a big success and probably still can, but is being Janet’s man contingent to her career management?  I mean is she looking for a pimp?


In any case I have to say Janet did something to my heart, I do not feel the same way about her, because she painted an ugly picture that required her to fail to give me the time of the day and John Gotti said this would happen.  It is sad moment, sort of like a possible victory without being a winner.


“Will he still forgive them all, or did his heart turn cold.” (Paul)

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