Rock with U was poorly produced

janet_jackson_discipline1Rock with U was poorly produced


To: Janet

From: Paul

Date: 26 December 2008


I read the manual of Vocaloid Lola – Singing Synthesis Technology and it is a learning experience.  I have to read chapter two over, as I spent most of the day with family!  I have come to the conclusion that you did something before its time, not as far as technology but style.  As Jamie Foxx puts it, he said he did a song in auto tune, which I do not think is the proper term, auto tune keeps you in tune, probably a very effective tool when reaching for a high note.


But what is going on in the industry now is singing synthesis technology.  The voices are being synthesized simply put.  And it was written in an article about your song Rock with you as not having any or much harmonics and you was blamed for that, but in the application of singing synthesis technology it is my opinion that the producer is responsible for replacing or the placement of adding expression to the lyrics.  This can be done by the press of a button or by instructions to the vocalist.  Where a vocalist may be lacking in any such case the producer should have implemented the technology properly, which Jermaine Dupri clearly failed to do.


Not only was harmonics missing but there was little vibrato in the background vocals which sounded very mechanical.  My point is that the idea was good but the performance was poorly produced.  Now every artist is using singing synthesis technology, with harmonics, vibrato and clarity and Discipline was considered a failure by Jackson’s standards for lacking in these areas.


Now the question is do you go back to the laboratory and perfect the imperfections and do what is in style, go back to the old basics or do something new again that may be before its time, for others to exploit later as they did in this case?  My opinion is to perfect the imperfections technologically and go back to the basics and sing about something of substance and start promoting you instead of that dude.


My opinion is the new technology is good.  But people have to know their craft in its applications.  If I had half the time you’ll have to record music and 10% of the equipment there is no telling what I might accomplish.  You’ll are in the business of music so there is not excuse for half applying new technology.  Like I said before you use new technology you have to do dry tracks,  Furthermore, It seems fitting that you do a Vocaloid Janet and model your voice to singing synthesis technology and unlimited songs can be made in your name in your behalf in the studio, in the same manner that people use Lola, Leon and Miriam.  It is like making an animated version of your voice that can be manipulated to sound exactly like you or even better, by writing words penciling in lines and adding expression.  This may not be as easy as it sounds but is very doable.


I would get on board fast, because just like the DAW has replaced bands and the need for expensive studios, this technology may well replace background singing.  A band and a singing group in a box, as did stage productions have replaced live concerts.




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