Exposing my anger solves nothing

imag01959Exposing my anger solves nothing


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 28 December 2008


A Mars-Pluto union on your birthday this year will get your emotions raging, but that’s a good thing. You have been far too easygoing of late and need to get mad with people who constantly obstruct you. Brush them aside, and move onto greatness.

Everyone has limits, even you, and if you know what those limits are, and if you are prepared to stay within them, then the opening weeks of 2009 will be both highly productive and a lot of fun. Others may not be so fortunate. Help them if you can.


We are all emotional beings to some extent, but I know when I am shouting to the air; you’ll are not going to let me hurt Jermaine Dupri, he is your boy.  He is a tool to push my buttons, so why bother, on my day he will find out and until then he will not be taken seriously, it is not worth the emotional stress.  Like I said I will take something from him or do something to him that he will not be able to ever forget.


I woke up late today, like clock work I woke up very early but I was too tired to write, Friday night was a long night and I got up about 11:00 am after crashing about 5:30 am on Saturday.  I made a song yesterday after making a bunch of runs for my sister and I was simply tired.


I might take it easy today and cool out with family and watch DAW tutorials at my sister’s apartment eat and be merry.  My niece is in town, I need to see her, she travelled from NC for the Holiday season with her sons, but that is not until about 2 or so I have time to start on something like write some lyrics and make a beat to the song and record tonight when I get back or tomorrow.


If you’ll wanted Jermaine dead he would be dead; the fact to the matter is you’ll want him to irritate me so you are just as guilty as he is, I am not running all over the county and world looking for the punk ass bitch and I am tired of blowing off hot air to deaf ears.


I tell you what we need to get back onto the more serious  issues of the moment, getting mad hurts me and nobody else, I want to get even not angry and I will someday, so you gave me bad advice today, because exploding in anger only makes me look weak in the mind, I just assume to ignore people and let them talk to themselves and answer their own questions and do my expressions on the hard drive making music with my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), it is so much more fulfilling, joyful and entertaining, the hell with the “Boring Rumors.”

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