New Year Resolutions & Friendly Debates

janet-dj-jimages1New Year Resolutions & Friendly Debates


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 29 December 2009


The moon eclipses both mind planet Mercury and luck planet Jupiter on your birthday this year, so stop thinking about doing something out of the ordinary and put your plan into action. You haven’t got a plan? Never mind, make it up as you go along.

There is really no point in getting bogged down in arguments with people whose beliefs and opinions are so very different to your own. You won’t convert them and they won’t convert you, so agree to disagree and leave it at that. You can still be friends.

This may sound indistinguishable but let us keep it that way because I do not need mined fields but into my pathway.  People can be crabs and try to keep you down it they think you might do better than you are doing.


My New Year’s Resolution:


To record at least 30 songs, revise my screenplay to include characters I was unaware of at the time of its writing.  Start focusing on the small things to turn a small buck to help make ends meet and let the big things take care of itself.  Because if you ignore the small things and think only large you miss out on life, but if you focus on the small things, big things can happen for you and you will be a good provider to yourself.  I am not going to let you constantly screw with my head about this great success to happen, I just want to do little things like finish fixing my teeth and upgrading my studio, staying busy and enjoying life.


Friendly Debates


I like when people have a mind of their own, I do not try to covert them but I examine them and do a self examination as to why my point of view is different.  It is not called an argument but a friendly debate.  In fact when it becomes an argument I tend to end the conversation if I consider the person a friend.  Even with loved ones I do not argue very often, I just say what I feel and leave it as that and if it bothers me too much to let go, I discuss with a family member who is an ally.  I know how to find someone to agree with me within the family and if I am wrong they will tell me so and I will apologize eventually.


Janet & Beyonce


I cannot pull up that article, it is like tease; they advertise and then send you all over the WWW.  But it does not seem serious and it a change of focus good for the both of them.  It puts the focus on them and they can resolve their differences in the public eye and show the world how mature people handle differences.  This is between two women and I have nothing to say about this matter but get over it.

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