I know my purpose but do you all

img004I know my purpose but do you all


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 31 December 2008


With Saturn turning retrograde on your birthday you may decide that certain limits and restrictions no longer apply to you; and maybe you’re right. Enjoy your chance to be free but don’t forget that you are free for a reason, not just for fun.

Is there a meaning to your existence? Do you have a purpose in life? These are the sort of questions you will be asking yourself as the old year comes to a close. You’ll be asking them in 2009 as well but the answers won’t be quite so elusive.

My bondage is by economic conditions, it is the restriction of movement and knowledge current inside information.  I have been kept broke and kept of the loop!  People say shit and hide because you hide them from me.  People do not respect me because my hands have been tied for years and if I am free I need to be compensated for my work, because slaves give free labor and not men.  Don’t tell me I am free and I am still rubbing pennies because until I get paid I will not be respected by my adversaries many of whom I plan to allow very bad things to happen to.  Even as I forgive I do not easily forget

I already know my purpose but do you remember it?  I have to make everything good again.  But as long as I am talking to the wind, it will never happen.  The bottom line is you’ll need technological and medical breakthroughs; you’ll need new tools to work with.  You can bill out this and that but until you can cure diseases, create new energy sources that are cost efficient and clean you are headed towards the end of the United States as we know it and perhaps the world.

I can tell you what to do now but the answers will come form Paul Castellano AKA the Apostle and son of man.  Things like AIDS and Diabetes will be diseases of the past, organ transplants will be a common operation with organs that will not reject the body.  Cancers will be cured and people will live longer, but the politicians have to prepare for these breakthroughs, the social security system has to be revamps, Medicaid and Medicare will survive because diseases will be cured instead of being treated perpetually.  I know my purpose in life, but to be honest I am disgusted with you all and have no motive to perform these miracles, as I thrust for blood.  You’ll pissed my off, because you held me down too long, teased me from the sidelines  and now I do not see the joy of success anymore it is all fake

On the laughter side of things, I got Cubase Studio 4.5.2 and Reason 4.0.1 to ReWire and now I have to import my VST and VSTi back into Cubase.  I plan to send New Year’s Eve at my sister’s apartment; I usually crash into the New Year, but I will do something different this year.  I will do my Virtual Studio Technology today and when I get home on the 1st I will be ready to make beats and record my songs using Cubase and Reason and Audition.

I have to get this PC Studio Computer for about $1099.00 plus tax and the problem comes when I have to contact Steinberg and other VST and VSTi venders for new activation codes, that is the only thing I hate about Virtual Studio Technology, they have a very strong piracy protection system and reinstallation will take all of a day provided I have all the information in advance.





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