What makes me so Unqualified Fear?

imag0123What makes me so Unqualified Fear?


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 2 January 2009


This is a great time to start something new, especially if it involves people who share your visions and outlook on life. New interests and hobbies will bring a great deal of pleasure and, if they help society in some way, they will bring others pleasure too.


I like the way you changed the subject from me being totally used and abused to finding new outlets to handle the stress of mean spirited people. But you got something right I come first now, the hell with being selfless.  There are some evil people out there out to get ahead by any means and will use whoever comes in their path.  But as it was written you weep what you sow.


I am going to be honest they say I am Bi-Polar, but I know people screw with my moods and on the contrary when I feel upset I stay that way for awhile and I am upset now, I come to the realization that the people I care the most about do not even consider me in their vocabulary.  They used me and did not even think twice about it.


I feel like we are on a subject change because you know it is true, you where all hoping I fail and harm myself over a loveless woman for better words.  It was all planned out to make me out of an idiot.  While I thought I had agents that had my back you were all plotting to destroy me and all you accomplished was your own self destruction, as it is all crumbling before your eyes.


I am going to do my music thing and get better at it and fix my screenplay, we have a good idea of the truth now.  I do not have much more to say this morning; I do not want to upset others because I am upset.  That was some cold shit considering I have a degree in Industrial Management Technology (Electronics) and Paralegal Studies.  What makes me so unqualified and these people in the loop so qualified?  Fear!  Your fear of me will destroy you all!  I cannot believe Janet did what she did. She actually let Jermaine Dupri run her life, a dumb punk ass bitch, meanwhile she used me with no intentions of ever doing right by me, they had it planned all the way to the end,




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