The Gangster Monk meets the Lustful Nun?

imag012311314936861The Gangster Monk meets the Lustful Nun?


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 4 January 2009


There may be some tension in your life at the moment but is it based on anything real or is it, as seems likely, based on illusions and misunderstandings? Get rid of that Pisces pessimism and believe that it will all come right in the end – and it will.

Why the suspense when you know the damn answer?  This is not the first time I was told I had nothing to worry about meanwhile I was left on the shelf to rot, while punk ass bitch Jermaine Dupri was running Janet or should we say Ms. Jackson’s life.  To be honest you should have whacked the bitch, you did Big Paul Castellano for a lesser reason, but in both cases we have impersonators.   Two people claiming to be me at two different capacities.  See and you a creating a domino effect just last night I think I heard Jay-Z call Janet crazy and disrespected me claiming to be the man of New York City and if I am right me a devil or some shit, all because you let a punk ass mother fucking bitch slide through the cracks and embarrass me, but I have nothing to worry about?

I mean who is Frank Paul Gambino a bunching bag?  I said I rather be known as a bad guy who does good things than a good guy bad things are done to.  I have no honor or respect and because of that I will turn out to be a good guy who was forced to do bad things to people.  You think I am gong to just let people get away with character assassination?  Yes I have plenty to worry about.  Whether Janet is playing games or not pregnant or planning her future, meanwhile what is my role in her life?  I have no role!  That is not an illusion!  For some reason you think I am supposed to know everything without being told anything, all fucking childish games; all part of a pattern of procrastination.  I built a dynasty that you let scum destroy overnight and for what to test me are you the tester?

Do not ever tell me I have nothing to worry about when you are intentionally trying to worry me, because with your indecisive questions you are intentionally doing that trying t worry me.  Now as far as not having anything to worry about on a higher plan it is due to acceptance I will roll whatever way the ball bounce, but on my day of glory it may turn out to be a day ten times worst than the Valentine’s Day Massacre by Al Capone and that is a sad thing. Instead of love and peace we may be faced with kill, kill and kill, then love and peace.  Why couldn’t Janet just assume be a Nun? Why I had to marry a damn Pop Icon, with an ego?  I should have never placed her in Hollywood, she has been spoiled rotten.  I mean what is this really the Gangster Monk meets the lustful Nun, this whole shit is ridiculous.  It is becoming a comical drama.  I mean do I change the name of my screenplay to the Gangster Monk meets the Lustful Nun for the Apostle.  This is all dumb shit and you are playing with the wrong person, I wakeup to drama every morning and I am being side tracked while the world is going to hell.



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