Seek Fame and Fortune

imag0195Seek Fame and Fortune


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From; Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 5 January 2009


Don’t sit around waiting for fame and fortune to come to you – get out into the world and seek them out for yourself. You have never been one for modest ambitions and with Jupiter on your side this year you really can have it all. Just take it.

You seem to have a great many things on the go in your life at the moment and could probably do with a little more private time to calm your mind and emotions. No one will give it to you but no one can stop you from taking it either. Over to you!

I do not have too much going on, yesterday I was very tired and near exhaustion because I was on the go since New Year Eve until the 3rd and did not realize I did not sleep enough.  I made up for that yesterday and like I said I often become rude when I am too tired and say things better left unsaid but not necessarily untrue.  It is true that Big Paul Castellano was whack for a lesser reason than what Jermaine Dupri pulled with Janet Jackson.  But John Gotti thought he was going just benefit from it without any repercussions, but had to do 10 years for it.  I am not going to talk about it because talk is cheap, we will see at the end whenever that will be, I still think time is on my side.


I am not going to fix my screenplay until March 2009, I think it is a very good screen as is, as a speculative version and perhaps a final version, why it is not being picked up is the same reason I have the many problems I have, it is too close to the truth and exposes too many genuine secrets that I posted already anyway, but my readership is not that high a volume so a lot of what I say is not believed or not heard by the masses, but put on the big screen it would be heard and considered by the many.


If I learned anything about the entertainment industry is that it thrives on gossip, one time I got about 1,000 hits in one day talking about a series of nothing and my two most popular articles that got and get the most consistent hits are things I do not think people believe but find intriguing.


In 2009 I could create myself into celebrity status and become fair game for people to insult, it will not necessarily but money in my pockets.  I have the investment capital to make minor moves, but until I feel the glass ceiling is removed I am hesitant to invest money as they say on a wish list or dream not at that scale anyway.  Do not get me wrong I could go all out and be ill-responsible and hope for the best, but by no means am I simply playing safe, I am building something slowly but surely.  Once I make this final upgrade on my studio I will have something to work with.  And other than maintenance the investment will be complete for about three years.  Hopefully I three years it will pay for itself at a minimum.


As for the music thing I am up and running now but I do not like my demos, I have good beats and words but when I put them together my vocal range is an impediment, maybe it is time to work with a few friends and family members interested in music.


Like I said, I will take care of the little things this year and if they flourish so be it, but I am not going to reach beyond what I can do on my own, like you said nobody is going to help me even as I helped everyone that keep telling reach for fame and fortune; it is my opinion that you’ll are full of shit, because nothing I do is enough.  I may not make a fortune in 2009 but the year promises to be very interesting and full of surprises.  I could write on and on, but I keep these morning letters a certain length if possible and it is possible today.




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