Michael & Janet Jackson World Tour 2009 & the Apostle

gallery_th_sm3mjj234007m1Michael & Janet Jackson World Tour 2009 & the Apostle


To: President George Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 6 January 2009


Finish what you started before you take on anything new today. You need to get on top of your workload and you need to do so soon, otherwise you could find that it all gets a bit too much for you around the time of next Sunday’s full moon.


I think Janet should release a party with Janet CD with her best fast songs, it should sell because it would be an opportunity for people to get the best songs from all your CD’s on one CD or a double CD, I would go for one CD like I did it.  Then she can do a Party with Janet World Tour with Michael as the opening act.  If she can continue to pull in 8,000+ all he has to do is pull in 10,000+ and we have sellouts around the world and then she can come back and do the shows she postponed with Michael.  I would do a duet with Michael as well to have a new song on the charts, plus record 4 new songs for the tour. 


It is not about the money it is about your name and fame level; go for a Live Nation Contract as a result of the tour.  I do not know how she let Jermaine Dupri turn her against your own brother.  “Janet Chooses Jermaine Dupri over her Family.”  How could she even allow such a story be told about you?


I sent Janet and the Jackson Family a CD with 17 of my songs, that might consist of the soundtrack for the Apostle, I would like Jermaine Jackson to perform most if not all of the songs, it would be his hit, be complained he never had.  I offered Michael the starring role in the Apostle playing Paul Jones (Castellano), that would be his break into the movie industry and the release of a Janet Party CD and touring on Michael card would complete her comeback, then she can go back to the studios.


There are two versions of the Apostle; I would use the one with the fake names to protect the innocent and guilty and create a small level of mystery.  I think we should do like Beyonce did with a Wil Smith twist, what I mean is like Cadillac Records which was very good must I add, we should bankroll the movie and get friends to work on percentages of the profits, to keep filming expenses down and have an all star black cast in the process along with quality Italian cast, because it is about a half African American and half Sicilian involvement with the Mafia while being raised as a black person in a black neighborhood controlled by Italians at street level, but all the time it was him who was in control of the action, but he lived two lives not aware of his role in the Mafia due to hypnosis or his relationship to a famous entertainment family, we can leave that as a mystery.  And a strange twist is it is about bible prophecy.


The Wil Smith twist is we will control or black market distribution at whole sale level, which will increase the profit margin and get the story out there to the people of all income brackets.


Like I said I can go on, but I try to keep the morning letters a certain length and this is my proposal.  Janet and Latoya could play my mother and Ms. Virgie who were best friends on light skin and one dark skin, we need a John Gotti actor and so on, there are a lot of rolls to fill that are not all cameos. 




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