Janet Jackson’s Love Story is it Fictional or Real?

janet_jackson_yo_publicity_pic_2101Janet Jackson’s Love Story is it Fictional or Real?


They say everyone in Hollywood has a deep secret, sort of like an initiation into this elite group of shining stars.  And sad but true Hollywood is so made up that it is pathetically not exemplified in contrast common society.  The rules of the game for a celebrity are different from that of common citizens and because of the arrangement often they burnout.


Take Janet for example, lately she has not taken photo shoots with Jermaine Dupri whose career thrive off of his relationship with Janet, now uncontrolled rumors are circulating that she is pregnant and she is pregnant not!  She is being force to go back into the spotlight to confirm or put to rest these rumors.  How unfortunate it is that a person in Hollywood has to be in a relationship to not be considered to be homosexual by the media and cannot have a platonic friend without being accused of being in love affair.  The people behind this I call the Gay Mob, who actually controls the gossip of Hollywood and the voice of perverted media.  But what the hell gossip is fun to read and Hollywood is about escapism. 


This comes to Janet history of love affairs are they fictional or real?  Well Janet said herself “My middle is privacy and my first name is control.”  She also said “my name is Ms. Jackson if you are nasty.”  Then she claimed to have grown up and degenerated into a symbol of lust, so again is these affairs real or Memorex?


Her Love Affair History in short:


In short she dated everyone in Hollywood, but she was said to have long term and nuptial relations to these three.


James De barge (annulled)

Rene Elizondo (Married is secret and divorced)

Jermaine Dupri (Long Term Boyfriend)


Basically Janet’s love resume has not a blank space; she is in and out of relationships faster than the ink can dry from the prior one.  It is said by mainstream media her and James De Barge have a love child, but is it possible that Janet is actually the mother of two grown women?  Like I said everyone in Hollywood has a secret, is the circumstance behind the birth of her daughters her secret untold?


Is Janet really a Nun pretending to be lustful for the camera, is she like me being person who prefers to be known as bad than for bad thing to happen to me.  In Hollywood either you are in a sexual relationship or you are put on the homosexual consideration list.  Is Janet trying to avoid the personal scrutiny her brother Michael was subjected to, is there a secret man in Janet’s life?  All of this makes for more rumors.  Finally it is my understanding that Michael Jackson is not dying, but is alive and making new music, should he be sidetracked by gossip and tabloid media and be seen all over the place to kill the rumor.  Hollywood thrives of on gossip about celebrities. Sad but true!  All in fun I guess!



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