Is Jermaine Dupri Really out with Both Feet

140x105_dupree1Is Jermaine Dupri Really out with Both Feet


It just so happens that as Janet Jackson prepares to go overseas to continue her tour Jermaine Dupri according to reports actually quits his job with a twist he got himself fired I guess to receive unemployment, but is he unemployed?  I mean we found out he was managing the Rock Wit Chu Tour and Janet wonders why things have not worked out as they should, when she put a man’s responsibility in the hands of a punk ass bitch, who is an established beat maker and a managerial front.


I mean what type of manager pretends to be the camera man in a living the life series, while the tour is not bringing the cash is was anticipated to produce.  I do not know, but the question is will he follow the tour overseas, I mean he is no longer with Universal so he has nothing but time on his hands.  Like who quits a job during these economic times unless he has something else in the hole.  Then maybe again he is really stupid planning to play on Janet’s emotions.  That was ill-responsible man!


All I can tell Janet is that it is saying that goes something like this; it is madness to try the same thing and expect different results.  Who knows maybe she really loves the midget, they say love is in the eyes of the beholder.  But what once might have been about money certainly is fading. Jermaine Dupri is a sinking ship who showed no remorse when using a private phone call to exploit a black woman on a recording, without her permission.  By the way what is up with that case?  But like I said he is a sinking shit and a sinking shit effect everyone on it.  I hope Janet has enough sense to know when to get off of it.  The sinking ship that is!


Frank Paul Gambino

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