The Lack of Support is Unfortunate

imag0098The Lack of Support is Unfortunate


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 10 January 2009


You won’t get the level of support you would like from partners and colleagues over the next 12 months or so, but in a way that’s good because you have been relying on them too much of late. Do you really need them? No, you just need to be free.

The full moon in Cancer this weekend will make you rather impulsive but that is probably no bad thing. Too often of late you have been a bit too cautious, both personally and professionally. Now go to the other extreme and balance it out.

It is unfortunate my projects will not get the support necessary to be a success, this is like telling prepare for failure.  I really get little support as it is; it seems as if nobody is in corner as it is.  But if as you say freedom is what I need than it is time that I become informed on the details and instead of playing guessing games.  You act like I am supposed to know things only known by Paul Castellano.  I kind of can tell you what Paul Castellano would do if he knew so and so, but the master plan taking effect I can only walk by faith and I honestly do not think everything is written in stone.  For example I think contrary to what she might say Janet Jackson has a mind of her own, and will do what she chooses to do, I can only try to make it good. But even there are limits to that.  I had no idea that Jermaine Dupri would have such an effect on my life.


Impulsive reactions, all my life I have been impulsive, I cannot afford it anymore, getting up and just doing what your mind tells you do can be very expensive.  I have studio upgrades to make and have to budget my money accordingly. You and I know the controlling factor is the lack of money and information.  I am not going to be running behind Janet like a chicken with her head cut off.  I could receive an email today telling me where she will be 5 days in advance, but I do not because it is not meant for me to know, so why should I act like an obsessive ass hole and run behind her blindly, please do not insult my intelligence.  I am not an idiot! 


Oh, I realize I need that studio computer more than I thought, I had problems with Cubase Studio 4 and Reason in ReWire, partially do to ignorance, but also because of the lack of power, I even had a problem with Sony Acid 7a and Reason 4.0.1 in ReWire.  I have theory around it.  I will try my theory today.  I made a beat in Reason and will ReWire into Acid now and open the song after I ReWire and then use Acid 7a as the Host, meaning opening Acid first.  The idea is to use Reason independently and then use Acid to make finishing touches.  I saved the beat already so I cannot destroy the finished beat I created that needs work, I can only improve it.  Now the question is does Jermaine Dupri get a free ride to Japan.  I give it to him he is slick, I do not know if that means smart, but he obviously he knows whose woman Janet is because he is being sneaky, he is punk as bitch and I cannot say this too many times.  He just does not know the bed he is making for himself.  He is making an enemy he really wants on his side.


Good Luck to President Elect Obama, I will not be at the inauguration but I hope all goes well.




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