The Jermaine Dupri Blame Game

MUSIC JERMAINE DUPRIThe Jermaine Dupri Blame Game


By: Frank Paul Gambino


Now it is all about Jermaine Dupri again, but unfortunately he tried to take all the credit counting the chips before they fall.  He is an executive producer of the Discipline Album in name, wrote many of the songs in name and named the tour after one of his songs.  Every time you read about him he has them mention Janet Jackson’s boyfriend.  Now he lost his job because of his decisions, but they point the finger at Janet Jackson and not at his poor managerial skills, poor judgment and bad decisions.


Well in the business world often the buck has to stop somewhere, I said earlier about his relationships with people like Janet Jackson and Little Bow Wow, Usher and the list goes on that they  were unethical in that as a member of Universal Management team, he was unlawfully or unethically fraternizing with the artists and he being a manager at the record company had to be aware of his unethical relationships.  Did he miss that managerial briefing?


I said it was dumb to have the franchise being Mariah and Janet compete, but this was his great idea to promote the artist, whereby having them work together would have promoted the label and unity among the artist, hell I would have had each of them featured on the others album, but he set a situation whereby one would fail and one did.


He choose to follow Janet all over the country playing cameraman trying to manage on the down-low instead of outwardly representing himself as the manager while everything went haywire.  He hired LL Cool J and Nelly, members of Universal Records, meanwhile LL Cool J was on his last album with the label that did not do well, due the same problem Janet Jackson faced lack of promotions.


It is obvious that Jermaine Dupri spent too much time at his celebrity attraction parties and being a Dee Jay (Disc Jockey) and not enough time in the boardrooms and now just because he did not do his job to be informed of the record company priorities (Missed that Meeting also?) and his errors in judgments, because of his obsession with an older woman, are we supposed to believe it is all her fault, just maybe he was in over his head and might get back to doing what he might be able to do well and that is make beats in the name of producer.


The rumor is not that he just got fired at Universal Records but got dumped by Janet Jackson who decided to count her losses, due to his poor managerial skills and lack of vision, so as he blame Janet for his failures and as he points the finger at her, there are three fingers pointing at him.  What is Janet supposed to do continue as if none of this happened and allow him to manage the rest of her tour?  He was giving the best in the industry to work with and turned it into shambles.  Janet Jackson’s career is on the verge of disaster all since screwing around with Jermaine Dupri. 


Sorry Jermaine if the buck stops at you, welcome to the world of middle management.  Now do not at a fool and blow your studio because it fed you before and can feed you again.  Then again this can be another Jermaine Dupri fabrication, but I hope not it is about time that Daddy’s boy pays for his mistakes.  This is only the beginning?


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