Janet Jackson will Evolve

jackson-fashion-photoJanet Jackson will Evolve


While on the down-low Janet managed to keep herself in the media; well maybe it was not her but many rumors certainly surfaced.  Soon Janet will have to return to the public eye as her tour continues in Asia-Japan, where she is currently scheduled for 5 shows, with more to be scheduled.


Janet has all her fans on their toes wondering what the Queen of the Pop Dance culture was actually up to.  Was it about recuperation?  Did she make new music to add to her show?  Was she working on a duet with Michael?  Were changes made to the show as we all know the motto “Continuous improvement?”  Did she actually dump that boy Jermaine Dupri to make room for a real man in her life; which I consider myself to be him?


What Janet will evolve into?  Let us hope it is someone authentic (The Real Janet) exciting and untarnished.  Will Janet once again shine?  That is the question!  Because Janet will evolve!


Janet Jackson has a lingerie line due to hit the states soon if not already and is supposed to do something with MTV and she has a 2009 tour scheduled, so however Janet Jackson resurfaces it will be a busy Janet.  So I hope she enjoyed her break, because it might be awhile before she gets another one.  Getting on top is not easy and staying there is harder.


Frank Paul Gambino


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