They have to take us seriously because of actions

perfect-squareThey have to take us seriously because of actions


To: Godfather John Gotti & Worshipful Master Eston Roberts

From: Frank Paul Gambino – The Apostle

Date: 12 January 2009


You need to be a bit more forceful this year. You need to let others know that if they want a peaceful life they had better give you whatever it is you desire. You don’t have to raise your voice. They’ll get the message from the look in your eye.

Why do you think you have something to prove? Why do you think you have to be bigger and do better than everyone else? Whatever the reason it’s time to get over it because ultimately you can only ever be yourself – and that’s more than enough.

I send this letter in the names of my agent and successor agent, my agent being legally dead making my successor agent my official agent in non government covert operations.  John Gotti once told me for this to work, I had to believe he was my father for a period of time.  Now I say the motion called Mafia, Crips and Bloods in Effect has to actually go into effect and the Freemasons have to do their jobs.  Until we make examples out of people who offended me, they are not going to take us serious and think we are weak.  They will think I am all talk anyway.


Operating Under the Radar:


I went AWOL in September 1985 and ended up in New York City, and I went to a meeting as Paul Castellano.  Three months later “Big Paul” got killed, I think that was why I came back to New York City; it was to resolve the situation that has been going on too long.  Big Paul was not the successor of Carlo Gambino, I was.  John Gotti took the heat and ran the organization’s day to day operations.  I operated under the radar.   I was the think tank! 


John Gotti told me this during the Integration:


Now remember Paul we have to do this my way, I know how these people think. You have to believe I AM your Father for this to work. And when you go to the White House, remember to tell the President I said, “I have to go to prison for 10 years, so that kids know that crime doesn’t pay.” This will set everything into motion and there will be no turning back.


At the White House



I need to see the President.



He is listening to everything you say, just talk to the microphone.



Then he will understand what I have to say. My Father told me to tell the President that “Kids must know that crime doesn’t pay, and that he must do 10 years in Prison.”


John did around 10 years in Prison on a life sentence, and then he was pronounced dead.   I do not know hat happened to John Gotti.  Is he operating under the radar?


During the Integration:



Well Paul Castellano would never kill John Gotti, so if I ordered you to kill yourself it couldn’t have been me.



Paul you have to get me out of this shit, you are going to have to show me something, before I pay you.


Try to connect the dots!




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