Is bloody a metaphor

paul-in-army-1983-or-84Is bloody a metaphor


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 13 January 2009


You will be required to step in and keep warring factions apart today. You won’t get any thanks for it, in fact you run the risk of both sides turning against you, but if you stand aside the results could be bloody and you’ll get blamed for that too.


I took a nap on this one and still came up no response.  I hope the term bloody is a metaphor for really nasty and bitter because we are all grown folks.  Because in any instance whereby both sides will turn against a mediator, the argument is based on principles and not on actually emotions; whereby emotions run deep principles can sometimes be brought under review and people can realize that maybe the emotion is not really there, I just feel back because of some unrealistic fixation in my mind and can get over it.  I hope Janet and Beyonce are not serious about the feud.   Because neither of them seem to ever go without, unlike a person I know dearly being myself, so if anyone should be upset it should be me, but I am not ashamed of the gospel.


I said something negative in my words of goodbye to you President Bush; I am honestly disappointed in you one for blocking stem cell research when every American cannot afford health care.  You say God gave his only son, but you mere humans cannot give up a embryonic stem cell because it is life, well what is the son of God death?  No the people who pointed you in the wrong direction on many issues from the war in Iraq to the lack of medical research they are death, they are the Illuminati.  You did not carryout your end of the bargain.


From the Screenplay the Apostle:


At the White House



I need to see the President.



He is listening to everything you say, just talk to the microphone.



Then he will understand what I have to say. My Father told me to tell the President that “Kids must know that crime doesn’t pay, and that he must do 10 years in Prison.”


John did around 10 years in Prison on a life sentence, and then he were pronounced dead.   I do not know hat happened to John Gotti.  Is he operating under the radar?


During this conversation you Presidency were decided, but was there a condition that was not met?

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