Jermaine Dupri same old Dance?

jd-photo-31Jermaine Dupri same old Dance?


By: Frank Paul Gambino


So it is official that Jermaine Dupri is out of Universal Records.  Is it official that Janet Jackson is out of Universal records?  Is it official that Jermaine Dupri is off of Janet Jackson’s management team?  So Jermaine Dupri blames first Janet Jackson for taking advantage of his fraternization.  He hung out with her by night and really expected to enforce his managerial authority by day?  Now it is LA Reid’s fault for not having vision.  No mention that is simply bad economic times for everyone to include Hollywood.


He says the management team at Def Jam is old and says Janet is his love interest is she also old?  Is she old to him?  Does he just want to bump her up to have an interest in the Jackson’s inheritance and future earnings?  Is he just another pimp?  Did he actually play the age card, let me quote this fool:


“If L.A. [Reid] gets fired at Def Jam (he’s 20 years older than me) where is he going to go? Many of the people at the label; if their bosses were to fire them today, they don’t have anything else to do. Their lives are over. I’m not that dude. Life ain’t over for me.”


I agree with Jermaine Dupri that he might have a future in the music industry, to be honest he has a few accomplishments under his belt, but I really think he got into it over his head and this is not a short joke.  Maybe he is too young to not only have a truly lasting (Lifetime) relationship with Janet but is too young to be a record executive.  I mean the guy is a party animal and management requires long hours on the job making decisions and we all know Janet Jackson is 42 years old going on 43 on May 16th of 2009.  Janet cannot continue to party every night and have a meaningful career in music and film.  Sure a 36 year old record producer has a few more years under his belt to booze it up all night long, but Jermaine Dupri is no kid either and he needs to grow up and get him a young lady and stop stressing over whether or not his woman will be able to conceive.


As quiet as it is kept Janet just might have had her children, not to say in this day and age there will not be more.  But Janet just might not be desperate to have her first child, she might be hungry to raise her first one on her own, but like in Benjamin Buttons she cannot raise both the child and the father of the child and Jermaine Dupri publically makes childish decisions. 


The bottom line is I do not hate Jermaine Dupri or enjoy his misfortune is we can call it that he is not hurting for much other than the fat.  Just like Janet has to lean up he venues she performs concert at; he has to lean up his assets and decide what is more important to have and let go of some of the fat until better days arrive again.  I do not hate Jermaine but if he continues to cross my path, he will get hurt at the end.  The same old dance it is everybody faults but mine’s a sign of an addict.


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