Actually I think I am booked

imag01953Actually I think I am booked


To: President Elect Barak Obama & President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 14 January 2009


The luck gods, and goddesses, are very much on your side at the moment, promising a special year ahead for those born on this day. Make a list of the 12 things that you would most like to accomplish, and tick them off as you do them, month by month.


The cosmic picture looks exceedingly rosy for you at the moment, but because you lack confidence you may not be making the best of it. Do something today that takes you outside your comfort zone. Shock yourself into believing you can do more.

I just ordered the final piece to the upgrade of my home studio; I just need to find out one thing about the video card, because I require dual monitor display.  I think all I need is a Y Cable for my VGA outputs and I will be in business.  I will be bogged down for about two weeks because I have to transfer programs and will need new activation codes from the software companies mainly dealing with programs that require dongle keys for piracy protection and VST and VSTi products which I have many of.  I got a powerful computer now and got a really good deal on it.  I have to downgrade from Vista to Windows XP.

Man I am a victim of battle fatigue I have been on an uphill battle for the last 15 years at least that I was aware of.  It was like Hamburger Hill in Vietnam, people were firing at me while I was going up a mud slide and every time I get to the top I was told to go back down only to be told to take the same Hill again.  We call that good damn training but I want to go at it for real, the hell with playing games, I am not getting any younger not that I cannot get healthier in the future with modern technology this may be offered to us all.

I want to apologize to President Bush; I know he did the best that he could with the hand he was dealt and I want to wish President Elect Obama the best of luck.  I am not going to the inauguration I predict it will either be boring or chaotic and probably cold, but most certainly a historical day.  Maybe with all the excitement he might continue to have momentum and pass some of his agendas through the Congress while he is still liked by the majority of Americans.


I want a key to do some minor work.  I would love for Paul Castellano to take control of my studio in the near future for just a weekend, it is no telling what I will be able to accomplish, I would love to do a project for Janet Jackson under the influence of a key.  For blog purposes I have to mention Jackson as her last man, so bear with me.


I figure between now and March I will study the studio slowly but surely going over the little things.  I want to change my focus in March to the Screenplay.  I think I might make minor adjustments, I just want to add Alicia Keys to the ending she is actually the beginning when I came to Janet Jackson the first time, I need to mention the discussion during the Integration when she was discovered and the end when she is found.  I might give Jermaine Dupri a five minute mention; I am not going to let him alter the screen.  I want it to remain a Mafia, Cartel and Street Gangs conflict and keep Rene Elizondo as the villain.


Once I edit out the many fade in and outs that do not belong in there I will get back about 5 to 8 pages or minutes and if I play my cards right I can keep the screen at about 2 hours and maybe 10 minutes or 130 pages, it is currently 118 minutes or pages.  I do not know I have to look at the screen.  I will give myself the month of March to accomplish this to submit it to a director/screenwriter for a final draft for filming.  I think the names will have to be changed to protect the guilty and innocent and to keep a bit of mystery in the script.

Between all of this and keeping up my websites and working, actually I think I am booked!




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