You say I am pessimistic?

imag01233You say I am pessimistic?


To: President Elect Barak Obama & Pres. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 15 January 2009


Recognition in some shape or form will come your way over the next 12 months and, of course, there will be those who say you’ve been lucky. They don’t know what they are talking about. You’ve worked hard for this success. Work harder to keep it.

Why are you so anxious? Why are you so unsure of yourself? You need to get over the fear of failure that has plagued you since mind planet Mercury turned retrograde at the weekend. Think and act positive even if you don’t feel positive inside. It works.

I do not feel I am getting the support I deserve and that is the bottom line.  My projects are not getting the support it needs to get out there.  And to be honest I am sick of hearing about JD this and JD that, I do not even want to say his name anymore, bashing him is getting boring.  It is like the old saying no publicity is bad publicity and all I am doing is giving him publicity, now there is a drama on why he got fired.  Please!  First it was this then it was that now it is something else.  Oh brother!

I mean Janet is my most significant link for getting a word out and I do not know who owns the web sites but it is all about JD.  I have my agenda that has nothing to do with him and it is not being promoted, like my screen I am trying to get a buzz out on that.  I own the copyrights to the current finished product, but I want to make changes to it, but the story is fine as it is.  I mean this one is about the conflict between gangsters and gangs, the war on drugs, AIDS, the mission of Paul Castellano and his relationships Janet and her family.  And most importantly is the shit they put poor Frank Paul Jones through.

There is another side to this story with another twist that I cannot speak on now.  There may be other off springs but this one is about Janet because she is the one I chose to be my wife.  I just know everything happened for a reason is the outcome good or bad?  You say I am pessimistic, but you should be grateful I have not gone ballistic.  I watch people bitch about minor shit only if they wore my shoes for one day.  Knowing what I can do and what I am being put through and maintaining my discipline level as I do and for you to say “Why are you so anxious? Why are you so unsure of yourself?” Get real!

I have a major job in front of me, I get my package today and it turns out I do not have to downgrade my new computer to Windows XP, but have to update several drivers so my software and hardware works with Vista.  So my job will be to uninstall, install and update drivers and I think I have to update my dongle keys prior to uninstall while they still work in the environment of Windows XP, so they will work in Vista environment.  I am not sure about this.  I will start this weekend, I have to call and e-mail my software venders for new activation codes for certain programs like Steinberg products and VST and VSTi applications.  Plus I have to upgrade my sister’s computer; I will be on the run for about two weeks.

I might have to go back on the down-low for about two weeks again until Janet (Jackson) starts to talk about he tour again, JD bores me, he just do not interest me and I have other things to do for the next couple of weeks than to blog about that punk ass bitch.  The way I see it he is just another unemployed person during these hard times, they trimmed the fat.



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