Taking the Lead & Expressing Feelings

paul-in-army-1983-or-841Taking the Lead & Expressing Feelings


To: President Elect Barak Obama & Pres. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 16 January 2009


You may have to lay down the law if you are going to get a joint project off the ground, but if you don’t do it then who will? People expect you to take the lead, so act as if you are the boss even though it may not be official.

It’s okay to keep your feelings to yourself but if you don’t let a certain person know, either today or over the weekend that you care about them you may not get another opportunity for several weeks. Go on, be brave. They feel the same way about you.

Time is not on my side this morning and I want to mention a few things as quick as possible.  First of all, if you love someone you should tell them to reinforce their confidence in you, however there should be some reciprocation.  I am certain that Janet (Jackson) knows how I feel about her and I do not have to post it on the Internet, but sometimes I honestly wonder about how she feels about me.  I do not do her like she does me; I may act out of anger sometimes but if I do she provokes it.  I think this is personal and will leave it like that.

We have a new administration and a new agenda hopefully it will be realized.  I just got a letter from the Veterans Administration stating they apologized about the oversight by not processing my claim.  How I can be failed of notice in Washington DC beats me, but hopefully President Obama will make this one of his first acts or President Bush one of his last.  Paying me my pension we can call it putting me on the payroll, even though I deserve it as a human being for what happened to me in the military and what I was put through by the government.  But we can let the past be the past and look forward.

So give me a fair percentage with retroactive pay and call it putting me on the payroll and my taking the lead will be somewhat official.  You will be amazed of my dedication when being compensated for my work.  I will take 70% or 80% but I deserve a salary for now of 100% with retroactive pay to put me well into the green.

Basically I made my vision known, but maybe I can do a better job breaking it down at a more Micro point of view, but I do not feel it should be my responsibility to micromanage.  That is what we have elected officials for to handle the instructional aspects of day to day activities and to oversee them.  I feel I should be allowed to be vague and left for their interpretation, because this is a democracy. 

Be Aware: I am in a transitional process.  I am in to process of setting up a new home studio computer, which means un-installations and reinstallation into another computer and updates of drivers to make my hardware and software Vista compatible.  Then there is my internet computer, my studio computer will become my internet computer and my new computer will be my studio computer. I have to take certain programs out of the old computer and install them into the new internet computer.  So my first job will be to uninstall certain programs out of the old internet computer and disassemble it and connect the new computer into its place.  Then update my dangle keys to run Vista, then uninstall music programs from my studio to install into the new studio and once I have the free space, install my programs from the internet computer like Home Office, Project, Visio, Map-point, Adobe Acrobat Professional and so on.  Once I setup the two computers and I give myself about two weeks I will once again be up and ready.  But as you can see I have a challenge in front of me. 

Oh and by the way the Y cable will not do what I I need will get an external USB video card to go to my new studio computer.  I am considering going DVI on the new studio but VGA is fine.  A Y cable will give me the same projection I need two separate monitors to run two programs at one time.




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