Jermaine Dupri is going out of his way

1314944531Jermaine Dupri is going out of his way


By: Frank Paul Gambino


I do not know, because I have been left out of the loop for awhile now.  My guess is as good as the next person.  Sometimes you have to walk m by faith and not by sight.  But it seems like Jermaine Dupri is going out of his way to make Janet look like a tramp and a low life.  From constant pregnancy rumors, creating a suggestion as he denies his own blog to resurfacing old videos whereby Janet act flirtatious as a stripper, but never takes her clothes off in 2005 at Virgin Records, yet he claims she filmed it last week, which is true statement about 4 years ago.


I mean like I said how can something that never was end, but this drama has been going on for a long time and not just awhile, and we heard the breakup rumors before only for them do a photo shoot for him to claim bragging rights for about a month or to the next photo shoot.  Talking about living the life!


I mean he is the only dude I know who has to tell his date what to say prior to filming the date for the public view.  Only time will tell the truth, but he is going out of his way to make Janet (Jackson) look bad. I figured he might have dirt on her, for her to stay around so long, but I have not seen anything significant, sure there are the fake nude photos, but nobody can produce a negative because they are digitally fabricated.  I do not know, but he seems to be trying very hard to put her down, it just makes me wonder why if he loves her so much.




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