Busy on a Mission

Busy on a Mission


To: President Elect Barak Obama & President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 18 January 2009


There is no point in feeling guilty about things that happened in the past. You cannot go back and change them so why waste time lamenting what was, what wasn’t and what might have been? Every day is a new day. Live it to the full and without regrets.


Keep things simple if you want to be happy. There will be times this week when you worry that you are not doing enough, but in fact you are probably doing too much and need to slow down. Give your mind, your body and your emotions a much-needed rest.

To h be honest I stayed up 31 hours from Friday to Saturday messing with computers.  I got my new computer up and running but I have to uninstall programs in my 2005 computer the old studio computer in order to install certain programs in the new computer.  I might need technical support for compatibility issues, we will find out.


I am actually running two computers simultaneously but I plan to setup whereby I can only run one at a time to have dual monitors on both, meaning sharing the same monitors..  This project will take about a week, because getting new activation codes for VSTi and VST will be work.  Steinberg is a trip, upgrading Cubase and getting an activation code is a headache, so I decided to uninstall first, to not be registered on another computer.  I was going to play is safe and install first, but it conflicts with installation due to registration.


I can let go of the past if the future is different, I just do not want to dance to the same old dance to the same old song unless it is Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 or something.  What has been happening lately is not about nothing.  Let me get back to s work.

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