My Hands are full & General News

janet-jackson-arriving-at-heathrow-airport11My Hands are full & General News


To: President Elect Barak Obama & President George Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date 19 January 2009


Because you were born on the cusp of intellectual Aquarius and emotional Pisces your outlook tends to change from day to day. But that will be strength over the coming 12 months. Being able to see both ways you will more easily see solutions.


Steer clear of situations where you end up doing things for people that they really ought to be doing for themselves. As the Sun moves into the most sensitive area of your chart today others will see you as an easy touch – and they’re right, you are.


Janet is back out and getting around, I am on another computer.  I need to get my photo off of the old one and install them into this one.  Janet has some critical fans, all they could talk about is her weight, which I think is fine, I weigh 210 LBS, during the summer about 195 LBS, so like Vista the new operating system finds compatibility in more weight.


Man I am tied up on my project, I have to install applications to support my programs; I will be using Cubase Studio 4, Acid Pro 7 and Reason 4 and maybe Sonar 7.  I have to troubleshoot because now I am getting signals in Reason 4.0.1 but no sound and I have no audio driver to support Sonar 7, a damn headache.  I had to get a new MIDI controller keyboard. It is smaller and an upgrade for what I do so I cannot complain, but I might have to get a new audio interface.  I found one that is inexpensive serves my purpose and is Vista compatible, I have to start getting paid for this stuff I do on the studio.  I will search for the driver to the MI4 audio interface but I need a new one it was made in 2005 and the ASIO drivers are old.  Maybe the update is new driver.  I think it would be wise to get that audio interface.

I have to download the manual to the keyboard M-Audio is so damn cheap, they make you print your own manual.  I got the Axiom 25 nice and small and will serve the purpose. I will give them Acid Pro 6, and Edirol PCR-M80 keyboard controller and a MI4 audio interface and keyboard stand and might give them a dual monitor video card I removed from my old studio computer and a couple of VSTi.

Sister’s Computer:

I will be busy for the next two weeks at least.  There is not much I can do for anyone at the time.  My system needs to fix her computer, my hands are full. All she needs is an operating system 4 GB of RAM 1 GBX4, she has the new hard drive, if she fix it and they will have a DAW studio.


Let me get off I have to write my uncle Billy and my nephew wants me to write a letter in I his behalf, he is incarcerated and wants to get paroled out, he will need a job.  If my sister fixes the computer he will have studio waiting for him.  Like you said I cannot do it all other people have to show interest as well.

President Obama:

This is a times and not just a day to live for.  I hear old people talking about after I see him become President I am ready to die, but like Rev Sharpton said we have an All Star time but that does not mean they will score and win, we have to keep the pressure on we cannot be passive only to become aggressive when we become disgruntled.  When he become president he gets in the hot seat and the good old buddy stuff ends and satisfactions of expectation begin.  I wish him the best but he will age twice as fast now, that is a hard job.



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