The Release of Dahuad R. Smith

To: Governor David A. Patersondahoud-myspace

From: Frank Paul Jones AKA Gambino

RE: The Release of Dahuad R. Smith

Date: 19 January 2009


I do not know what to tell you, but my nephew has been in prison a long time behind bullshit. He was just a kid who had big ideas and wanted to make it in the music industry at a time when it cost thousands of dollars to go to a recording studio.  My understanding is that he was a hustler, too big for his own good, but made no money he just got a lot of time.


He is not coming home to a mansion just yet, but he has a lot of family that is concerned with him being release, what it been 15 years?  Give the dude a break man.  He deserves a chance to live outside the walls of incarceration.  I know you know who I am and may not like my style and than maybe you admire me, but this is not about me.  It is about someone doing stupid time behind stupid shit and enough is enough, personally I think he deserves clemency but parole will do it will keep him honest.


What can I do for him?  Only time will tell, however if he is really interested in music, as I stated his love for music got him where he is because he went about it all wrong. The meek will inherit the earth and not the impatient.  But I think he learned a valuable lesson, but we have to let the bird out of the cage so he can grow into a man.  He spent close to half of his life in prison and that is sad.


I will give him Acid Pro 6 Digital Audio Workstation by Sony, and Edirol 61 key MIDI Keyboard controller, my sister is putting a computer together to be music studio compatible. It will be a Pentium 4, with 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB Hard Drive, he has to buy his own loops, for copyright purposes and laws I cannot give him mine’s.  Plus I will give him an 8 track recording studio for portability.  The bottom line is we will build him a home studio.  I know the programs he will need; he will not have to learn like me through trial and error.


I understand he will have an income because of the amount of time he spent in prison in the form of SSI.  I will try to help him find part time work so he can pursue his dreams as a musical artist/producer and I am pretty good at this shit and will take time out to teach him the ropes of Virtual Studios, in fact I would like to work with him.  Give my nephew a break man!  Excuse the French but I am being real with you!


Frank Paul Jones AKA Frank Paul Gambino





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