Time to Boom the Economy

obama-official-photo1Time to Boom the Economy


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 20 January 2009


A Sun-Mercury union on your birthday means you are one of those lucky people who are completely free from doubt. Your views and opinions may change from day to day but you are always right and those who disagree with you are always wrong.

You need to create some breathing space for yourself, if only to make sense of all those strange thoughts that is swirling around inside your head. Don’t worry if it feels as if you are losing touch with reality – it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

I am tied up transferring this studio for one computer to another.  I am not going to go into details but trust me.  The new computer is all I expected to be minus I had to upgrade the soundcard.  I do not know if I will go back to dual monitor because it is fun running two computers simultaneously.  I have to start getting paid for my studio work because the investment is too high not to get a small return.  I hope they let my nephew out of prison, he served enough time and I think he would be very helpful to me he is very talented.  I do not know if he is full of shit or really feel the shit he writes but it is touching.

I will be installing programs mostly VST and VSTi this week and worry about the functionality later, because I will have to contact the venders as I go along, at the time my contact is Steinberg, next will probably be Propellerhead if I cannot figure out the setting problems.  The soundcard is functional and I can sometimes get sound out of the program but sometimes I cannot.  There is an obvious problem.  Maybe it is my custom setup, because I did it before I installed samples so there is no sound due an empty rack, I do not know!

So Janet (Jackson) is about to go back on the road, I really would like for her and Michael (Jackson) to team up on the road it would be very exciting and almost fail proof.  Actually I think Janet will do fine alone if she gets her momentum going, her tour started out fine, but she got sick and instead of postponing a bunch of dates at one time to recover she took her fans for a ride and consumer confidence and the poor economy did not help the situation.

With President Obama’s new stimulus plan there is no better time to begin touring, the system will circulate money but businesses have to create options for people to spend and earn the money being circulated.  The country has to go into an activation mode in 2009 for President Obama’s plan to work.  People have to live in the now and not the past and be willing to work, be consumers and borrow wisely.

I think a big industry of 2009 will be the home studio industry, music software is huge.  I think music software and computer generated music will become what owning a musical instrument was for me as a child.  As kids we all wanted to be like the Jackson Five, playing the Ohio Players, Earth, Wind and Fire, Slave, Brass Construction and the list goes on, now kids want to do P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Hip Hop and R&B and a lot of this is done in computer generated studios and not studios with a bunch of musicians..  I still think Janet and Michael should have introduced the V-MIDI device I thought up, whereby you play music through a microphone instead of a MIDI keyboard.  We need new products and people with imaginations to design new things from these ideas.  People are getting tired of purchasing MP-3 Players and Phones over and over come up with something new to do.  The condition of the economy is in the minds of the people, it is what we believe it is we have to think positive and work, spend and invest in new ideas.



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