Plans, a screw is a screw

paul-2dahoud-myspace1janet-myspace1michael-myspacePlans, a screw is a screw


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 21 January 2009


Don’t try so hard to be the best at everything this year. Everyone knows you’ve got what it takes, so you really don’t have to prove yourself. If anything, others should be proving themselves to you. Cultivate an air of superiority over the next 12 months.


As mind planet Mercury moves back into the hopes and wishes area of your chart today you should have a clearer idea of what it is you want to accomplish. You may not be able to make a start on it yet but you can start making plans.

I have my plans for 2009; I might be a couple of weeks behind schedule at the most, because I wanted to start my screenplay modifications in March 2009 which will happen but in the second part of it, I planned to start the month with the screenplay changes.  It is taking more time than I anticipated changing over the studio from one computer to the other newer model and it is killing my wallet, I have to get paid for some of this stuff.

Hopefully they will let my nephew out of prison and he would be of great help; I would not mind sharing credits with him, he is family, I plan to put him on anyway.  Yesterday I think I misspelled his name which is Dahaud and not Dahuad; in any case I believe it means David.  I want someone who can make a difference to take an interest in his case.  I do not regret him going to prison behind music; because it got a few people killed he survived.  Prison actually preserved him, but now I think he will channel his ambitions properly.  Personally I think he is ready to be freed, I think he is very talented and has something to share with the world, because of where he has been, but like many great musical talents I think he might be full of shit.

Let us ask the question; is a musical ingenious screwed up in the head or is it that they have the ability to express themselves and they are the expression of a screwed up world?  I think it is the latter; they are crazy to the world because they express what they experience so well and the lives for most of them have been bad experiences.  Like I said, I got screwed in a homeless shelter, Dahaud got screwed over in prison, but I also said Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson got screwed on Hollywood Boulevard; however a bad experience is a bad experience and when you express this well people see you are abnormal, but they are not any different, they just put the more visible on a high pedestal.  People do crazy things but when you express these things they say you are crazy but actually you are saying that they are crazy that I must express this madness as an artist.


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