Breaking News about Circuit City Retailer

Breaking News about Circuit City Retailer


Circuit City is under liquidation and has falling under closing all 567 stores as over 34,000 become unemployed.  This is bad news for everyone except for Sears, K-Mart, and Wal-Mart and Best Buy.  They are the survivors and will probably profit from this sad event. This may have a domino effect because these are now 567 vacant retail buildings in prime locations, something has to replace circuit City at these locations so the unemployment line may not be for long for the many 34,000 who will lose there jobs. This has to be a sad day in America in just the second day of the Obama Administration.  Wall Street has to be saying what the retail REIT’s is going on.


The scoop of the day is Janet is in contract negotiations and Michael (Jackson) plans to release his long awaited album in 2009 and both will tour and hopefully together.  The “Notorious,” (Biggie Smalls) Movie made over $20 Million the first weekend and it may seem like something out of a fairy tale but yes we do have a black president whose hands are certainly full as you can see from the article above.


Frank Paul Gambino

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