Circuit City & Janet Jackson Contract Priorities

janet-myspace2obama-official-photo2paul-21Circuit City & Janet Jackson Contract Priorities


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 23 January 2009


What is it you want most out of life? What would you do if money and time was no object? Whatever it is there is a real chance you could get it this year, but it will only happen if you allow yourself to believe it will happen. So what’s your next move?


Do you like surprises? Hopefully you do because today’s Venus-Uranus union will throw you a curve ball and before you know it you will be acting in ways that even your friends find surprising. You’re not as shy and retiring as you sometimes make out.

There is a thing called REIT’s which are real estate investment trusts, which is a way to invest in real estate with a diversified portfolio.  If you are invested deeply into retail establishments you have to be concerned about this.


Breaking News about Circuit City Retailer


Circuit City is under liquidation and has falling under closing all 567 stores as over 34,000 become unemployed.  This is bad news for everyone except for Sears, K-Mart, and Wal-Mart and Best Buy.  They are the survivors and will probably profit from this sad event. This may have a domino effect because these are now 567 vacant retail buildings in prime locations, something has to replace circuit City at these locations so the unemployment line may not be for long for the many 34,000 who will lose there jobs. This has to be a sad day in America in just the second day of the Obama Administration.  Wall Street has to be saying what the retail REIT’s is going on.


Personally I like J&R Computer world, because they have very good prices and wide verity of items however they are a little weak on professional music software, with the addition of more professional music software they would be an excellent replacement for Circuit City Retail Establishment.  I want to make a major investment in J&R Computer World.  There is no question that to protect the real estate market we have to lease out these properties that are becoming vacant.  This is the first move to expand J&R Computer Store for a mom and pop store to a retail chain.  I think 100 stores would be sufficient. 


I want to give Janet (Jackson) a contract but I will not support her running behind Jermaine Dupri.  I am not going to use my name in her behalf while she parties with him.  As my agent John (Gotti) you know what to do, if she respects me I will love her and the world will be hers again, if she wants Jermaine Dupri, she has that option.  But she is not going to get that lucrative contract going to his parties.  This is second on the current agenda.  As I put Janet first, we have to prioritize the fact that 34,000 people are about to lost their jobs and a corporation worth 12 Billion dollars in revenues is going down the drain.  I call on you President Obama to act quickly in responding to new investment capital for new industries to replace Circuit City at these prime real estate properties.


Summed up in one sentence Janet and President Obama has to prioritize.  We cannot just let a corporation this size and with this reach and frequency fold without a plan and I will not get Janet a $100 million contract, to sing the same old song “I love Jermaine.”  If that is the case she can go to Sony with him.


Frank Paul Gambino Productions

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