Jermaine Dupri Super Bowl will it get Support?

jermaine-dupri-vi041Jermaine Dupri Super Bowl will it get Support?


Jermaine Dupri plans to host two parties in Tampa on January 30th and 31st, for the Super Bowl and there are supposed to be several celebrities at the event, to include Janet Jackson, the So So Def Jam Family, Jamie Foxx and Vivica Fox.  Tickets went on sale December 1st 2008.  So it is obvious that the many sponsors were betting on the relationship between Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri and the relationship between Jermaine Dupri and Universal records.  Unfortunately Janet and Jermaine may be on the rocks and for certain he is no longer a member of the So So Def Jam Universal Records Family, so for many of the people being billed as a part of the event they may have conflict of interest in showing up at this event and if they are not under contract may not find it in their best interest to show up.  Then again they can always call in sick.  So for the party goers if you just want to have a good time, this might be the place to be, but if you plan to be at the bars with stars your $300 to $600 may not be well spent, check the most recent itinerary.


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