Janet Jackson no longer Jermaine’s Pawn

450px-janet_jackson_191Janet Jackson no longer Jermaine’s Pawn


Janet Jackson said she will show up at the “Under the Veil, Super Bowl Party in Tampa, Florida if her conditions are met.  As Jermaine plans to tax people $300 to $600 per head to party all he offered Janet was all expenses paid, being travel and accommodations like always as he gets paid.  Janet said she is tired of being used by the publicity seeker.


It is anticipated that over 5,000 people may show up at these prices to party with the stars and Janet is billed as the headliner so she feels her time should be compensated also.  Janet said this can be over $2 Million event and Jermaine is trying us her as a pawn to attract the party goers without compensation.  Janet said $50G take it or I think I might have a quiet day at home with people I love and I do not love Jermaine Dupri, in fact I never did if you know what I mean!


Under New Management


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