Serious Brainstorming to the $1 billion threshold

janet-jackson-arriving-at-heathrow-airport111Serious Brainstorming to the $1 billion threshold


Sucks?  DO you know what a 10% stack in the cure AIDS is worth, not just in cash but also in power.  You will not have to sell another record.


Agent: William Morris Agency – Flat Fee $5M


1: Recording and Production

A)    Producer Agreement – Janet Jackson Jones, Frank Paul Jones and Jam & Lewis 15% of SACD split for total production

B)    Publicist Agreement –  Handle this ourselves

C) Recording Studio Agreement – At Home

D) Rehearsal Studio Agreement –  At Home and on Road

E) Exclusive Recording Artist Agreement – Janet Jackson Jones


2:  We take $10 Million straight cash per SACD and cover the above bills on our split


3: Note:


Remember we get part of the Music Producer Money, which will cost a total of $6M leaving $34M, so we want to produce half of the music, bringing it back to $37M.  We Executive Produce the SACD out of the $37M.  We hire a mouth to retransmit what we want said and own our own studio, next is the record label and we sign Michael Jackson to a similar deal minus the record label goes to us.  Our pay comes from our SACD Studio being used for production.  We get 25% of our publishing and Clear Channel Communications get 75% of the publishing before we give up another 75% out of the 25% to Warner Record Group.


SACD 50M for $50M


You will be a 25% holder for $12.5 Million.  Michael will be a 25% Holder at $12.5M and 50% of the 50M or 25M burnt SACD is open for grabs.  It will cost Warner Record Group $2.00 per above costs of SACD from us.  Our job is the sell 50M copies @ $5.00 above costs.  We make our $40M plus $12.5M on 50M sales.  This is negotiable.  50M @ $5.00 above costs = $250 million made in profit.


Each SACD will be between 69 minutes and 73 minutes with about 17 songs very few interludes, plus we will release 1 song to 2 songs per year in singles.  Warner Music Group can exploit them for free and will have to deal with Clear Channel Communications on the split on the profit.  If possible we give CCC exclusive rights to airplay or co-ownership with Warner Music Group of all publishing rights.  So we want $10M from Clear Channel Communications for predetermined amount of airplay of your music made after the beginning of this contract for 20 years.


So far we have $40M = $12.5 Million on a $12.5 million investment = $10M for royalties shared.  Music brings in about $62.5M before touring by 2020 on an 11 year contract.


We want our royalties back after 10 year of the expiration of this contract or about 2030.


Live Nation Tour Production


We get $40 Million for two tours and a stay at a Las Vegas Hotel and Resort.  We will call this and half of a tour unless  we have super success.  Times are hard now in America and Live Nation has to get paid.  Each tour will have an USO Leg and be International.  We guarantee at least 2 tours and at least two years on the road and 18 months at casinos.  However we are not limited to this economics and recording hit status can dictate more travel and therefore more money.  We will stay with them for 11 years.


This is $40M plus tour support, we do not get tour support from Warner Music Group, we get it from Live Nation and radio airplay from CCC we are @ about $102 Million.  Plus $40 Million or $10 Million per movie over 11 years plus we will do cameos.  We will do 4 to 5 movies for the $40 Million.  This comes out to $142M; you can add $10 with CCC to bring it to $152M.  We will write our own screenplays.  


For $50 Million over 11 years you can have 10% of Gambino pharmaceuticals which is the cure to AIDS, which makes you a billionaire.


The quick way to get the contract is to sell 1% of your 10% holding of Gambino, it is worth over $150 Million over the long term.  Over 43 million people are infected, over 51 million died and there are 5 billion potential victims.


A Win or Win Deal for both sides


You cannot get a better deal anywhere.  I figure I will keep 25% and selloff the other 55% of Gambino Pharmaceuticals.  Actually I am giving it to you because the money will come in faster than to make payments on the stock.  The stock pays for itself with dividends.  Soon as the release to AIDS is made and the stuff is licensed to be manufactured and distributed it becomes a milking cow bigger than Windows Operating System.  You can sell 1% or 2% for the contract, give 3% to family and keep 5% and diversify.


The two agreements are all paper, your bet is on entertainment, you get no more than your earning power, your insurance is the cure to AIDS, we cure AIDS they get paid and in return pay you the contract as written.

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