Wall Street Bailout should cover Malls


Wall Street Bailout should cover Malls


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 24 January 2009


A Sun-Jupiter conjunction on your birthday will open your mind to new possibilities, while a Mars-Saturn aspect will give you the energy and ambition to make something of them. Set your sights high, and then go higher still. For you there are no limits.

Other people may be of the opinion that certain tasks are too much for you but you must not allow that belief to creep into your own mind. Avoid people who try to talk you down. Seek out people who inspire you by example to do more and do better.


It is a good thing that President Obama will open the doors to Federal funding to embryonic stems cell research.  It should be a part of the economic stimulus package, because they say it will attract a lot of scientist, which are more jobs in the field of medicine and research, money has to be set aside for this.  It will bring down the costs of medical care because they will cure diseases instead of just treating them.


If J&R takes 100 stores and storage warehouses to support the stores, that still leaves 476 out of 576 retail stores in prime real estate empty.  We cannot leave these stores vacant, because the entire stores in these malls attract customers to the mall.  Under the Wall Street bailout these properties have to be supported with investment capital, with the goal of pulling in a minimum of $12 Billion in annual revenue and a minimum of 34,000 new jobs.  We do not have to bailout Circuit City but we have to bailout the REIT’s Market that falls under Wall Street bailout conditions or it should have been, because we bought properties and retail malls are properties under Real Estate Investment Trusts.


I’ve figured out how to give Janet her billion dollars through Gambino Pharmaceuticals, which will be the leader in stem cell research and cure the AIDS virus.  I think I will end the letter on that note it is a little complex and drawn out.  My daughters get $200 million each.  All of them!


No I will post the raw draft below this one:






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  1. I posted recently the ongoing debate between Peter Schiff and Steven Leeb who represent the two sides in the heated argument regarding bailouts and government intervention.

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