Janet Jackson’s Arrangements to be met ASAP

0815_fat_after_fame1Janet Jackson’s Arrangements to be met ASAP


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 25 January 2009


You usually manage to keep your cool, but the moon’s eclipse of Mars on your birthday means you will reach boiling point a lot quicker than anyone expected. That’s good. The only language some people understand is the loud and aggressive kind.

You have run away from a personal problem long enough. The time has come to deal with it, no matter how emotionally painful you think it might be. Chances are it won’t be as traumatic as you had feared and, once you are free of it, you will fly.

Every sentence has to end with an explanation.  We do not do things in the spotlight simply to be seen and do not have time to do the important things,  Janet (Jackson) needs to get a new contract and need dates for her tour and obviously she needs to stay in training while in the market to get paid for her services.  I have no problem with her gaining weight but there is a time for everything and there is a time to stop not paying attention to the surroundings and how you are being manipulated.  Jermaine Dupri used Janet until the point that her career has become almost insignificant and her into a mere showpiece at parties.  See Janet likes to be seen and Jermaine knows it and he exploited her in the most selfish way to line his pockets and but her career in shambles.  And Janet puts her trust in everyone but me and I am a product of the streets with some formal education in business and law, I have a couple degrees, but we created AIDS with a GED at age 17 so what does a degree mean like ask Bill Gates!


You President Obama and not personally but your current position the Administration of the White House and you John Gotti intentionally kept me away from my family and created this situation, you are so busy trying to keep me a secret from the world and keeping me out of the scene that my home is in a state of shambles and if I resort to murder I would be wrong and it would be a sad ending to a piece of work that took all of 33 years.  It seems like nobody is looking into my interests.


President Obama consider this a six months notice as required, I want Janet on a USO tour that will last 10 days and it will include 4 engagements.  In the USA, outdoors around June of 2009, before crowds of 50,000+ each engagement.  I want the Military to handle logistics, AAFES can round up sponsors to handle and cover talent fees for the artists and dancers and the rest of the entourage.


Sumner Redstone Paramount Pictures has to come up with respectful roles for my wife, for this her weight is not an issue, not all role are for centerfolds, but Janet has to get in shape and stay in shape for her own health reasons.


Mark Mays & Michael Rapino CEO’s of Clear Channel Communications and Live Nation respectively;  I want my contract negotiated for Janet in the name of Gambino Productions and I expect you John to start being accountable as my agent.


Finally I want her to stop fraternizing with Jermaine Dupri, if she must be seen she can date until my business is final, but like the Navy Sailor told his wife to be prior to going to war, you can date but not the same person more than three times, this way I do not have to worry about emotional attachments and be faithful.


What I said may not be loud!  But certainly it is clear?


Frank Paul Gambino Productions


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