Jermaine Dupri thinks he is slick

234007m11Jermaine Dupri thinks he is slick


Jermaine Dupri is all about Jermaine Dupri.  He uses big name celebrities to attract groupies to parties.  But what does he give those free drinks a VIP table and a photo session?  Oh a hotel room and free transportation!   Meanwhile he collects at the door and sells drinks all night long.  He cleans up on the backs of others fame and makes them feel important in the process.


Now he says Janet Jackson will be there to hang out with you, and part of the proceeds will go to charity.  But does not mention a percentage, is it 10% of the proceeds or 90% of the profits.  Now my concern is Janet being used in the process so I ask these questions.


#1: What charity are they going to give to and what percentage of the take will go to the charity and what percentage of the money the charity gets goes to administrative fees.  Some charities do nothing but spend on themselves.  Is it a good cause?  Is it a Jermaine cause?


#2: What is Janet’s pay and how much will they donate in her name and social security number to the charity? Does she not deserve a tax break for her services at a minimum?


#3: The bottom line is what is in it for Janet other than photo sessions and another month of Jermaine Dupri bragging about he is living the life. 


What are we talking about a take of $2 Million to $3 Million after drinks are sold?  And what do you offer a free seat in the heat.  Get real!


Frank Paul Gambino



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