Janet’s Solutions


Janet’s Solutions


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 27 January 2009


With mind planet Mercury close to Mars on your birthday you will be asking the kind of difficult questions that too many people try to avoid. You may not make yourself popular with those who champion the status quo but, then, that’s your role in life.

You will get that wonderful everything is All Right with the World feeling today. The headlines may tell a different story but deep down inside you know that it’s not nearly as bad as the doom mongers are trying to make you believe. Spread happiness, not fear.


Janet’s adjustments:


First of all, I saw it coming that is the postponement of the tour in Japan, I mean even Toyota lost money.  Then again I suggested to Janet to change the name of the tour to something like Janet 42 or Greatest Hits Tour and put out a album with the best fast songs of her complete library of songs, I did a CD called Party with Janet, it would sell because not everyone has all of her CD’s and this would give people a sample off of each album.  She should cease to trying to promote Discipline.


Secondly, this is a time for everyone to pitch in and give something, we have to work for lower wages and volunteer in some cases and Janet’s band needs to stay active.  I suggested way back in about June or May of 2008 that she does a USO tour, this would be a perfect time to donate services that should be tax deductable.  She should expedite a USO tour for about 4 or 5 engagements over a period of 10 days that would a month’s work for now.  The military could cover the logistics and AAFES the sponsorships through venders to cover talent fees in other words band and dancers’ fees and Janet a tax deduction for 2009.  Also I suggested she make 4 new songs and duet with Michael Jackson on his new album to put her back on the charts.


Thirdly, I suggested she look at movie scripts, she does not have to be the star a supporting role would be fine, but she has to do other things than just take pictures at parties, she has to use all her resources and talents and stay busy, she does not have to make the top dollar now, it will make a full circle.  She cannot continue to try to do the same thing and expect different results.




I think I know the problem with Sonar 7 it is Vista compatible that was the purpose of the upgrade, I installed at 32 bits and I had Vista 64.  I uninstalled and will reinstall it when I find time to do this at 64 bits.




Finally, I suggested that Janet throw a party or two, instead of being a pawn for someone else get her friends together and give them a fair take and attract people who want to forget about this economy for a day or  two.  But do not charge too much, it should all be in fun.  Spend time with the fan club.  Say thank you for your career!  Give back!






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