Several Important Issues Combined

imag01955Several Important Issues Combined


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 28 January 2009


If you are one of those people who like surprises the next year or so will be a lot of fun. If you are one of those people who do not like surprises you had better learn quickly to get used to them. But what’s not to like about new adventures?

According to the planets some of the people around you have only the most tenuous grasp on reality at the moment, so make allowances for their strange behavior. There have, of course, been many occasions when they had to make similar allowances for you.



I do not like surprises, if you remember when Janet Jackson surprised me last time I went into shock, because of too much information at one time.  I mean how do you tell a man in a shelter just out of alcohol rehabilitation he is married to a celebrity and is one of the most powerful men in the world?  Certainly not all at one time and that is what you did and like a computer I froze and the result was this, another drawn out plan.  But this time you took the surprises out of the surprises because you forewarned me, it is like telling someone you will have a surprises birthday party, he knows he will have a party but he does not know what is going to happen at it, but he knows there will be a party and that I can live with.


So Janet is taking back control?


Janet Jackson Takes Back Control


Posted on Janet Jackson’s Janetxone 27 January 2009; New Official Web Site coming soon, to be operated by Janet’s company Black Doll INC.  Hopefully it will be publicity for Janet’s sake and career and not the interest of Jermaine Dupri.


Then Janet went public about her tour and said the “Economic Crisis” and not all the bullshit, from vertigo to breaking up secretly with Jermaine Dupri, unexplained weight gain, pregnancy or rumors of marriage to Jermaine Dupri.  Full Article:


So what is next reality?



Jermaine Dupri wants people to think he is a Kingpin, he posted this on his website:




Wunsch Family Protection RICO & Jermaine Dupri Kingpin RICO


This is called illegal protection RICO Organized Crime.  It is the protection racket as money is funneled out of the system untaxed.


Now if a squeeze is put on the protection is illegal and if this is a protection scheme and if Jermaine Dupri is a part of the scheme to funnel tax dollars for protection he is a Kingpin in the illegal adult entertainment business.  Full Story:


Actually I gave the dude an operation provided the organization pays the bounces at the parties and the money donated is properly used on the kids, it would be a legal arrangement.


On the serious side do you not think it is about time Paul Castellano does his thing, I will post the Economic Crisis again so that people are reminded as to what this is all about.  Read Article:  the Economic Crisis:



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