Janet needs a base hit and Love your enemies to Death

Janet needs a base hit and Love your enemies to Death


82360ffa11To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 29 January 2009


A major battle is looming but according to your birthday chart you are ready for it and may even be looking forward to it. To fulfill your potential you need to free yourself from those who want to keep you in your place. Make them your first targets.

Your ability to tune in to the subtle vibrations that drift through the ether will give you an advantage over your rivals today. You will know what others are thinking and feeling in ways that those who rely merely on logic cannot match. Play to your strengths.

First of all, I realize Janet Jackson is having a struggling career, but that can change overnight.  I think the screenplay and movie the Apostle could work magic for not just Michael Jackson but her as well.  She needs a movie role that will not make or break her career, but give her something to do and feel positive about.  Like I told her she is not alone.  I want Paul Castellano to help her on her next music project and I want her to get on the big screen soon if in a supporting role, look what a supporting role did for Beyonce in Cadillac Records it gave her a hit record and a chance to sing to the President of the United States at his first dance.  Like I was told sometimes a few little things will create a big thing.  My opinion is Janet needs to stop trying to hit a homerun and go for a base hit that is how all around player get out of slumps they stop swinging so hard fro awhile until they can once again make contact with the ball.

Do you remember this?

The Holy Pardon & My Final Act of Forgiveness:


“I must forgive them all, but just because I forgive them, does not mean the Father will also.  If I forgive those who committed transgressions against me and the Father does also, I may well never forgive Him.”


Meaning:  If a person did wrong by me and confess to it, I will say “I forgive them Father and they should get a pass.”  If I forgive them and they never admitted they did wrong by me, I will say “I forgive them father and father I forgive you.”  I am talking about my men, when I say my father in this case.


Some dude called me dude and said I am so full of anger may God be with me in time of need.  What he does not realize is he does not want me to be full of anger because the hope will then be May God be with them on my day.  I moderated that comment off of my web site.

For those who do not want to do right by me and keep the brother down it is out of fear and I went out of my way to demonstrate that there is no need to fear me, unless you fear fairness and justice.  If you want to continue to kill people with corrupt medical technology and corrupt politics, then you have a reason to fear me, if you want to continue to oppress people because of their race, color or ethnicity and no other reason you have a problem.

I young man told me he did not like a person because he was soft a term for homosexual in tendencies.  I said live and let live, because vengeance is the Lord’s, I told him this.  The bible ways “You will reap what you sow.” I often use slang and say “you will weep what you sow,” both statement are true, but I am talking about my enemies, because before it is over they will wish death upon themselves, unless they admit their misbehavior they will have problem.


Frank Paul Gambino





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