Janet Jackson Knows Digital T.V. Effects Cable Industry

250px-janet_jackson_rock_with_you11Janet Jackson Knows Digital T.V. Effects Cable Industry


By: Frank Paul Gambino


Janet Jackson is rumored to be in negotiations with a major television station to air the Rock Wit Chu concert on Digital Television, once the tour is completed, which can transcend into big dollars in an unprecedented move.  Because the concert will be aired all over the United States in crystal clear sound and picture free to the consumer attracting huge advertisement designed for the Hip Hop and R&B generation. It will be the television event of 2009


On 17 February 2009, the U.S. will officially switchover from analog to digital television transmissions.  The reason given for this change is a mention on Wikipedia:


  • Potentially higher image and sound quality over analogue broadcast (though in practice it can be worse).
  • Freeing radio spectrum space, which can then be auctioned off for other purposes.
  • Multiplexed sub channels—which can carry entirely separate programming.

Understand that the transmissions are binary codes, so whereby with analog signals we had to really be concerned with strong signals opposed to weak signals, with binary codes it is either a read or not meaning if you receive the signal at all the conversion process to create a picture means an almost perfect picture.  In other words a digital transmission in places like New York City means picture perfect reception and great sound.

Many people like me who do not watch television much may start watching television more because we do not value the need for cable television but get cable television reception anyway will say why not watch television, when I get such a great picture.  Meaning increased reach and frequency to advertisers over the television airway.  So eventually more people will watch television and if the convertor boxes monitor television usage and digital television monitors television usage the television stations will know of the increase viewership and therefore be able to demand more for advertisement. 

Sound good so far, however!  Because of the better transmissions and additional stations less and less people will purchase cable television, in fact it will become obsolete for people who use it for basic stations because you will get that in crystal clear reception on the television with an antenna.

So as a lot of consumers think we are being beat by the government, because of the new demand for a convertor boxes and digital televisions on the actually end is a good thing in places located to the digital transmissions like New York City.  I think it is great!

Digital television will reach everyone making it the best marketing tool for entertainment since MTV, BET and VH1.






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