Janet the Jews and the Parallel

234007m12Janet the Jews and the Parallel


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 30 January 2009


Your ruling planet Saturn is aspected by luck planet Jupiter on your birthday but because the angle between them is difficult you will have to work hard for whatever good things fate has got lined up for you. Fortunately, hard work is one thing you know all about.

You will have your work cut out trying to get through the defenses that a loved one has erected to protect themselves from emotional hurt today, but your sensitive Pisces probing will soon find out what it is they are so afraid of. Together you can confront the fear.

An Indian man from India and an African woman was talking about Jesus and Mary and the Indian said Jesus died for us and Mary was a virgin who gave birth to this person (A Child).  The African said Jesus did not die for anyone but was killed and Mary can you imagine what she went through she was emotionally hurt and had to be full of anger,  She explained you have no idea what it is to be a woman, because if you did you could not imagine what was in her heart, oh Mary was a mother all right.

Janet was chosen by God, she did not ask to be married to God she just wanted a man and she was scorned.   I though she was scorned perhaps beyond repair, no that is not true because with God anything is possible. 

I was selected to be the floor Captain were I live and I asked for a small stipend to cover expenses, because I know for this job to be done right it will require time and until now it has not been done right.  My fellow residents they do not want the job, but they do not want to pay for my expenses.  A man stood up and spoke for about 15 minutes and concurred that I should not be compensated for my expenses.  So I asked him do you volunteer for the job on your floor and he said no because I am too busy.  See you should not judge the journey of another person until you walk in their shoes.  They volunteered me for a job they not want, yet refuse to meet my conditions.  People!

Janet Jackson was scorned as a tender young age of 13 years of age with child she impregnated with from an unknown origin, sure I suffered but the spirit God is in me whereby it is with her, there is a difference.  I do not take the blame for Paul Castellano, but nobody can possibly understand him as I do.  Janet has to be asking herself why me and I can say to her is why not you.  When a person hit the lottery they say praise the lord, but when one is chosen to do God’s work it is why me.  Janet has to get over it, she was chosen to do God’s work just as Mary was and if she cannot see the parallel she is still blind.

The difference between me and Janet is that she cared about what other people thought and I cared very little.  I spend most of my life alone knowing without knowing necessarily who, that God would provide for me a mate.  I did not fall in-love often if at all, whereby Janet knew in her heart she was chosen but was rebellious.  She stayed in relationships that none where meant to be because all the time she was married and that is the story of the Jews.  If she cannot see the parallel she is blind.  I said many times she symbolized the Jews and to give up on her is to give up on the whole community.  Anyone who does not want us together does not want God to be with them.  They say God is with us but do not see the parallel.



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