Is life a war and who killed the Rappers?

cripsIs life a war and who killed the Rappers?


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 1 February 2009


Mercury, planet of the mind, appears to be at a standstill in the heavens on your birthday, which suggests that your thinking on one particular issue has become too fixed. Let go of preconceived opinions and inherited biases. Open your mind to new possibilities.

Venus, planet of love and harmony, leaves your birth sign on Tuesday, and Mars, planet of ambition and aggression, moves into the most sensitive area of your chart on Wednesday. What does that mean? It means you must watch how you react. Life is not a war.

Is life a war?


I do not know but the screenplay the Apostle is full of violence and underhanded bullshit and it a true account of my life.  It seems like life was a war when I was the victim but now that my turn is coming and vengeance is the Lord’s we want to change the rules.  Since when did human kind have world peace?  I agree that life should not be a war, but is it really?  The only way to overt the war to come is repentance and some people are simply too proud to do this.  Like I always say you will cry out to the Lord about what you spread on Earth or pay for it perhaps with your life.  A man accused me of being very angry; I ask were I given a reason to feel differently?


The under the veil Super Bowl Party a success of failure?


It does not look like the Under the Veil Super Bowl Party was all it was billed to be, they say Janet Jackson, Jamie Foxx and Vivica Fox were no shows as of 1:00 am the night of the party.  I guess people are tired of being used by Jermaine Dupri?  I heard some football player was the first to show up to auction things for the charity that is for single parents; I thought it was for sick children; I guess they help child who are sick for single parent homes?.


Who Killed the Rappers?


You know now that I think about it the movie “Notorious” was strange it depicts Biggy Smalls as a man with a death wish.  He tells his own story until death in that screenplay.  Everyone wants to know who kill them, but that story was told and it went through one ear and out of the other, I guess now they have to wait for the movie Apostle to get the answers.  Actually if a person has the ability to look between the lines the movie “Notorious” answers the question, provided you paid attention to my blogs.  Someone did something very wrong to someone that set off the whole situation that led to the demise of the two that got killed and it was not Topac getting robbed and I will leave it at that.  Search for the truth!  With two historical facts and one hint any bird could fly this one.


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