Jermaine Dupri (Peter Pan) Party has failed

imag0195Jermaine Dupri (Peter Pan) Party has failed


Jermaine Dupri gets a taste of his own medicine.  I mean on his self destructive journey he single handedly destroyed Janet Jackson’s career. From his whack productions to his mismanagement of her tour, to just the idea that she slept with him is so gross.  The associations help him dearly but screwed Janet all up.  Since her associations with the midget nothing went right for her starting with the Super Bowl SNAFU.


He became Mr. Jackson riding on her coattail as long as it lasted until she finally came to the realization that maybe this is not right.  He schemed and created a blogging network and would start rumors only to disclaim them to create his own world of lies and gossip to serve him and be a disservice to her.  When you read negative stuff about Janet it is him, playing both sides against the middle trying to make Janet think she depended on him, but meanwhile he was destroying everything we worked so hard to build.


Now “the chicken comes home to roost” and all that stupid shit he pulled is causing him problems.  He broke his ties with Universal Records during a bad economic hour and expected the Crew to support his party, which was clearly a conflict of interest.  And it is starting to look like Janet really came to her senses and dumped his ass; he is nothing but a sorry punk ass bitch.  Who do you think put out the rumor about nobody wants to buy Janet’s concert ticket when she said the bad economic crisis is hurting her tour?  I am willing to bet it was Jermaine’s blogging network.  Why?  To bring her down so he could control her?


No Universal Record Def Jam Family, no Jackson, Fox and Foxx all were no shows and the dance floor were half empty; all because of his silly shit.  Sometimes you do not know what you have until you lose it and this stupid bitch gave it away and he is not all that any damn way, be is just a spoiled Peter Pan.




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