General Briefing

the-jackson-familyGeneral Briefing


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 2 February 2009


If you need help with something that you cannot handle on your own today then just ask. You may be surprised at how many people respond to your call for assistance. You may even be a little embarrassed that you thought your friends had deserted you.

Old Memories:

I bought the Jackson’s Destiny CD it brought back memories, I even heard my voice on  couple vocal tracks, I remember I did not want to do it, but they insisted; I could sing very well back then.  I believe “the songs are “the things I do for you,” and “All night dancing.” These are the songs I really did a good job on the bass guitar you have to remember this happened 30 years ago.  When the album came out they gave the credit to Paul Jackson Jr. now they give him credit for helping out Tito and use someone else as the bassist.  Anyway!  Like I said it brings back memories!  I would really like to work directly with Janet Jackson, like I did with her brothers using DAW technology this time.

Helping Others:

I need a clear picture, actually it is not my friends abandoning me that concern me it is that they know I am still with them, and I cannot truly help anyone without a clear and understandable briefing.  If I do not know what the actual situation is and what we have to work with I cannot come up with practical solutions.  It is like if you show me just a little I will see much more than what you show me, sort of like a vision.  People tend to think I know everything already and if I know it I was behind it in the first place, but the fact of the matter is that people chose their own paths I am just trying to make it right.

Studio Update:

As for incompatibilities using Vista most of the programs installed and two have to be upgraded to operate properly.  A couple of programs operate on Vista 32 but not Vista 64 I have Vista 64, they are vocal harmony and auto tune, I have to activate drum and bass rig and keyboard rig, but I need Acid Pro 7a operating properly to pull this off with ease, but I cannot open Acid Pro anymore as long as I have Groove Agent 2 is installed it cannot load it because Groove Agent 2 is incompatible, I will upgrade to Groove Agent 3 and Adobe Audition 1.5 installed but will not open I will upgrade to Adobe Audition 3.  All the rest of my VST and VSTi seem to have installed properly.  This week I will do some setups and settings for the programs like connecting the Axiom Keyboard to the USB for power as I connect the MIDI cables to the audio interface and turn on the sound card to the audio interface for centralized sound via the interface, through my headphone, monitors and stereo in that order as I audition the sound.


My main programs now are:

Cubase Studio 4.5.2

Acid Pro 7a

Reason 4.0.1

ReCycle 2.1

Adobe Audition 3



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