A few moves that should be made ASAP

imag01951A few moves that should be made ASAP


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 3 February 2009


The things you want most in life will come your way without much of an effort on your part, but having got them you may feel curiously unsatisfied. That is because you only value the things you have to work for. Set yourself new targets this year.

You may be a touch distrustful today, especially if you are offered something without being asked for much in return, but don’t let your suspicions get out of hand. Good news on the money front is real. No one is trying to cheat you, so don’t cheat yourself.

I feel I deserve a break in life, so nothing that comes my way will be taken in suspicion or distrust and it is about time.  I do not want to get into my personal finances but a certain amount of money is already spent.


I am booked into the summer, I have my screenplay to modify and music to be made, there is a sound I am looking for, that I have not reached yet, but I do have the tools to do it, but I need a better understanding of the tools I have, that is why I want Paul Castellano to take over from here.  I think I have everything that I need.


Here are some standing orders I think will boast the economy, they are reminders:


Californian Marijuana Trade


NYC Schools, OTB and Casino Gambling


Janet’s Billion Dollar Agreement and the Release of AIDS Cure


The Money Laundering Act


I think we should start here as unconventional as they the proposals may sound.


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